The right frame of mind

Why do some people with mental health issues feel marginalised by the Church, and what can we do to correct that?

Synod farewells Sharon Hollis

Former Moderator Sharon Hollis was farewelled yesterday at Wesley Place as she prepares to take over as National Assembly President in July.

Journey continues towards reconciliation

Ahead of National Reconciliation Week, UAICC Leprena Centre manager Alison Overeem and Moderator Denise Liersch urge First and Second Peoples to embark on the journey together towards a better understanding.

Camp makes a statement

The Uluru Statement from the Heart, and the role it can play in promoting dialogue between First and Second Nations people, was the focus of a camp held in regional Victoria recently.

QR codes are now mandatory

From today, churches must abide by a Victorian Government COVID-19 directive ensuring accurate attendance records are kept through the use of a QR code. Here is what you need to know.

Helen is never bone idle

Regular exercise at an AgeWell gym and participation in a groundbreaking study have Hawthorn resident Helen Malins ready for her next big adventure.

Cookbook still tasting success

For more than a century, The PWMU Cookbook has been a staple item in kitchens right around Australia, with money from sales funding mission projects around the world.

Ours is to reason why

Australia Remade national co-ordinator Millie Rooney says the church and governments have important roles to play in shaping a better society.

Keeping it all together

Unable to enter aged-care facilities during the pandemic, chaplains came up with some innovative ways to stay connected with residents.