Q&A with Tai Alphred

We asked Murrumbeena Uniting Church’s family ministry coordinator Tai Alphred to tell us a bit about herself and ministry.

And God saw it was good…

REV ELIZABETH RAINE At the very beginning of our Scripture, we find God creating a world that is “very good”. It is clear from the first chapter of Genesis that God created a world for humans, plants and animals alike.

Graphic Gospel

In The Reign of God, Issey Fujishima blends Western-style comics with Japanese manga to create a fresh take on the Gospel.

Island care

In August, a Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu health project team saw 1372 patients on the remote island of Malekula.

An unexpected partnership

Glenroy Uniting Church has developed a special partnership with the local Nepalese community.

All natural

David Merritt review Seasons and Self: Discourses on being ‘At Home’ in Nature by progressive Christian author Rex A. E. Hunt.

Site for rituals

Pilgrim Theological College coordinator of ministry studies Stephen Burns introduces the new Exploring Liturgy website.

Love letter

Moderator's reflection from Rev Sharon Hollis

Climate of urgency

This year’s Uniting Earth e-conference focuses on ‘Hope in Action’ as ministers and activists explore community responses to climate change.