Asking the big questions

In A Little History of Religion, a one-time bishop, who is something of a sceptic, aims to foster critical thinking about religion rather than blind acceptance.

Oasis of peace behind the Wall

A university offers a haven of safety and security for young students in the Holy Land, a Uniting Church congregation in North Melbourne heard last month.

Take up your cross – A Lenten reflection

Armadale Uniting Church member Karel Reus has prepared a series of weekly reflective poems and questions for the season of Lent. Click here to read all of the reflections.

Mess with us

When Lucy Moore established the first Messy Church in 2004, she never imagined it would grow into a worldwide phenomenon.

Prayer for all creation

More than 60 Uniting Churches in Victoria and Tasmania will join in a global day of prayer this Friday for stronger action on climate change.