UCA child sex abuse figures revised

The Royal Commission has revealed a greatly reduced reported number of allegations of child sexual abuse within the Uniting Church than was indicated by previously released data.

Great expectations

Nigel Tapp reviews 'A father's dreams' from Dr Wyn Moriarty, which details the author's struggles with her minister father's expectations.

First principles of art

An art exhibition featuring the work of 10 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists will be held at Congress Tasmania's Leprena centre.

City mouse/country mouse

Glen Waverley Uniting Church and the tiny Western District town of Beeac will celebrate 10 years of shared Sunday services.

One injustice too many

PENNY MULVEY Every day as we engage in the world – be it through social media, over a coffee with a friend, listening to the radio in the car, pouring over a newspaper – we are confronted by issues which speak to our hum

Resurrection return

John Queripel suggests fresh ways to look at the biblical account of Jesus’ resurrection in On the Third Day, Re-Looking at the Resurrection

Brand power

Russell Brand's 'Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions' is an approachable guide for readers looking to negotiate the traps and pitfalls of modern life, writes Garth Jones in his review.

Synod Snaps – November 2017

Aitken College Year 8 students showcased the science, humanities and English projects they’ve been working on at their expo.