Screen memories

Some of the vast store of images kept in the Uniting Church Victorian Archives is now available online.

Animal magnetism

Sundays at Bellbrae Uniting Church are furry and friendly, as these pictures from a recent service show.

Supporting seasonal workers

RANDALL PRIOR In 2008, the Australian Government initiated a program for people from Pacific Island nations to stay in Australian on short-term visas and fill vital employment gaps in the agricultural industry.

Dream job

When Michael Easton took up the newly created role of community outreach worker at Avenel, Nagambie and Seymour Uniting Church, a congregation member told him: “We’ve employed you but we’ve got no idea what you’re going

Forming disciples – theologically

The theological world recently mourned the death of Professor James Cone, a prominent African American theologian who taught for many years at Union Theological Seminary in New York.