Synod’s focus on fair labour

The spotlight is firmly on the issue of ethical procurement, and how Uniting Church members can ensure the products they use have been made using fair, not forced, labour.

Life, love and laughter

Uniting AgeWell volunteer Tracy Barron has known difficult times, but a positive attitude has been a constant companion on her journey.

Christianity’s big questions

Rev Associate Professor Geoff Thompson from Pilgrim Theological College asks us to pause and consider some questions around what exactly is Christianity?

Focus on Lent and mission

Ahead of the beginning of Lent on Wednesday, Rev Nigel Hanscamp invites us to consider how a sense of mission might be at the forefront of our thinking.

Rod’s new take on old songs

Former Moderator Rod Horsfield's book 'Songs in Season' offers new words for some well-known songs of faith.

Pray that peace prevails

In his February Crosslight magazine column, Moderator Rev David Fotheringham urges us to pray during Lent for a just peace in the Middle East.

Helen leads list of honours

Tasmania's Helen Geard is among a number of Victorian and Tasmanian Uniting Church members recognised in this year's Australia Day Honours List released by the Governor-General.

Reflections on Christmas

As Christmas Day nears and we reflect on what that means to us as Christians, some Uniting Church leaders have offered their perspective on what the birth of Jesus represents to them.

In touch with our past

Compile a history of the Uniting Church in artefacts was the brief given to archivist Christine Gordon earlier this year for a presentation to the Assembly Standing Committee.

Trip down memory lane

In 1973, four years before the Uniting Church formed, a number of people were ordained as Methodist Ministers and, 50 years later, five of them share their journey since that momentous day.

Fond farewell from Dev

Intercultural Leadership Development Co-ordinator Devanandan Anandarajan, who retired last week, reflects on his time with the Synod.

The church and rebirth

Former Uniting Church Minister Dr Paul Tonson suggests a complete rethink of what constitutes "church" is needed if we are to move ahead successfully.