Helping hands

Every Monday morning a dedicated crew gets to work at the North Ringwood Uniting Church Welcome Community Garden.

Synod Snaps – August 2018

The August synod snaps feature a baptism in Springvale, a wedding in Gippsland, a pop culture service in Williamstown and more.

Focus on homelessness

For those living without regular shelter through the winter months, a hospital cafeteria can offer respite and hot chocolate.

Lessons in Assembly

Moderator and President-elect Rev Sharon Hollis reflects on the recent 15th Assembly meeting in Melbourne.

Business cycle

When it comes to restoring, selling and giving away bikes, Peter Daly means business.

Rite connections

Uniting Church member Cath James believes marking life’s transitions for children and young people can be a vital part of keeping them involved in faith communities.

More than a place to stay

Over the coldest 13 weeks of winter, seven churches in the Lilydale area take turns once a week to host people experiencing homelessness.