Different paths on journey

‘This is the story of my faith journey into dialogue and close friendship with people of other faiths and with atheists. My journey was full of serendipity and of the unexpected that happened to me.’  

By Dr Paul Tonson

The Bible has played a major part in my journey into dialogue. From infancy, I heard the Bible read by ...

Jessica’s on a mission

By Aileen Muldoon

About 60 people attended a service at Northcote Uniting Church recently for the commissioning of congregation member Jessica Hateley-Browne as the new Director of Mission at Uniting VicTas.

Those attending the service included the Moderator Rev David Fotheringham, Northcote minister Rev Alister Pate, Uniting VicTas CEO Bronwyn Pike, members of the congregation, colleagues, friends and family.

The ...

Science, faith and lots of fun

By Rev Sandy Brodine

The Younger Generations team had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Dave Gregory to Melbourne as part of his Science and Faith Converse tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Dave, formerly an astrophysicist and President of the Baptist Union in the UK, is passionate about science and faith and particularly about how we can use these discussions ...

Pomonal rises from the ashes

By Damien Tann

Fire and Pomonal are not uncommon associates.

In 1939 on Black Friday, the orchards and tobacco plantations were burnt out; in 2006 the town survived as an island of green amid the blackened devastation of the Mt Lubra fire.

Then in February this year, 46 houses (plus sheds, fences, and equipment) were destroyed.

A town named for ...

Poowong marks milestone

By Laurie Gregg

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” declared Rev Deacon Judy McLeod at a combined churches service to celebrate 150 years of Poowong settlement last month.

“Here in the dense rainforest of Poowong, the first public building established in 1878 was the Poowong Methodist Church,” Judy said.


Norm’s 70 years of service

By Norm Wearne

The following are some memories of the 70 years that have passed since my accreditation as a lay preacher at the age of 20.

I need to be careful, because I resonate with Mark Twain’s confession that “the older I get, the more I remember things that aint so”.

I blame Rev Kevin Green and the people ...

The crow and comfort

By Rev Alex Sangster

“Waaaa waaa waaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Crow comes with me to the funeral of my friend Margaret. Literally, he is there. He is always there. Crow hops on one claw.

Going to visit people who are dying is kind of part of the drill, like core business.
“Hatches, matches, dispatches – that’s what we do,” I was ...

Voices soar for aged care

By Cathy Withiel

A concert of sacred vocal music by Bach, Bruckner, Fauré, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Rossini, Schubert and others this Sunday (April 21) will support Uniting AgeWell’s Music For David program.

‘I Heard a Voice from Heaven’ celebrates the exquisite beauty of some of the finest vocal music ever composed, featuring Catherine Koerner (soprano), Dannielle O’Keefe (mezzo-soprano), Jack Jordan (tenor) and ...

New faces join eLM team

Can you describe what your new role within eLM will entail?

David Kim, Multicultural Ministries Co-ordinator

The main role of Multicultural Ministries Co-ordinator entails the strengthening of culturally and linguistically diverse communities to actively engage in the wider Church by enhancing multi and intercultural ministries within the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.

This is achieved in a number of way, ...

Sunshine and shadows

By Andrew Humphries

Mardie Townsend often talks to her son Paul.

And that’s when the tears come.

After all, a parent should never have to bury their child.

“When we are at Bonnie Doon, I often go for a walk and when I walk past Paul’s cairn I say (in my head), ‘hi Paul’, and he replies (in my head) ...

Congregation digs deep

By Talitha Fraser

Koonung Heights Uniting Church Minister Rev Heather Hon considers herself extremely fortunate to be part of such a warm and generous congregation.

That warmth and generosity is displayed on a regular basis as congregation members contribute to the wellbeing of their neighbours, outreach mission projects, and the broader Church in caring, generous and faithful ways.

Aligned with ...

Mel’s mission statement

By Andrew Humphries

In the summer of 2019-20, Australians watched on in horror as large parts of the country were destroyed by fire.

Images which showed people trapped on the beach at Mallacoota with nowhere to go made their way around the world.

Four years later, some sense of normality might have returned to Mallacoota but, like so many other ...