Sharon Hollis installed as President

The first-ever online meeting for the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia took place over the weekend, with former Synod Moderator Rev Sharon Hollis installed as President.

In two historical and joyful moments for the Church, the 16th Assembly installed Sharon as its third woman President and declared Rev Charissa Suli the new President-elect, making her the youngest and ...

Parish has a special visitor


Corner Inlet Uniting Church Parish members were delighted to welcome Moderator Denise Liersch last Sunday, as she travels around the Gippsland region meeting with congregations.

Minister Rev Jennie Gordon says it was wonderful to have an opportunity to chat with Denise and share a deep sense of fellowship.

“Denise came to share worship and lunch with us at Foster ...

Young members have a say

National Assembly President Deidre Palmer had the opportunity to hear from some of the UC’s younger Victorian members during an online conversation last weekend.

As part of her President’s Roundtable, Deidre chatted via Zoom with a number of UC members aged between 18 and 25 to hear their views on a range of topics.

“As part of my ministry as ...

Narana pastoral letter from Moderator


Last Friday, I had the chance to visit Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Narana is a significant centre of ministry of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress in Victoria.

With extended lockdowns, travel and gathering restrictions, this was the first time in a long time since I’d been there.  I picked up Uncle Vince Ross, State Elder for ...

Cold comfort for many

By Frank Porter

In early 2009, Jhez was in that happy space where the future looks assured and alluring. Safe in a stable relationship, Jhez, then 29, had just fallen pregnant and the thought of impending motherhood filled her with overwhelming joy and unbridled optimism.

Seven months later, however, her world imploded. She was no longer with her partner and ...

Amalgamation right on Kew

By Andrew Humphries

While ministers Bronwyn Daniels and Joseph Lee have only known each other for a relatively short period, spend some time with both and it’s obvious there is an easy rapport between them.

And that’s important because, as joint ministers at newly formed Kew Uniting Church, they have a major role to play in driving the congregation forward.


New centre promotes old perspectives

By Rev Dr Garry Deverell

The University of Divinity, Australia’s oldest and largest theological school, will soon launch an Indigenous Studies Centre.

The centre will encourage the development of Christian theologies that have their roots as much in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander imaginations as they do in the perspectives brought from Europe by colonists.

Recognising that most Australian ...

It’s access all areas

By Andrew Humphries

When Uniting Church volunteers at Hamilton’s Argyle Shop in western Victoria recently received a complaint about access issues for a person using a wheelchair, it shone a light on the wider issue of disability inclusion.

And, in that sense, it became a learning tool for everyone involved.

Ironically, Presbytery of Western Victoria minister ...

New lessons from lockdown

By Andrew Humphries

When Rev Mat Harry was appointed to the role of New and Renewing Communities Catalyst in 2018, one of his tasks was to investigate how he could assist the Church to drive new forms of Christian community.

That task took on a greater sense of urgency in March last year when COVID-19, and subsequent lockdowns, meant a ...

The right frame of mind

By Andrew Humphries

We take it for granted that any church, including the Uniting Church, should be a home for those marginalised in society due to mental health issues.

Surely, we say, at the very least acceptance lies at the heart of what any church, or faith community, should be offering those in need, and any person facing mental distress ...

Synod farewells Sharon Hollis

By Andrew Humphries

The tributes flowed freely at Wesley Place yesterday as Synod staff farewelled Sharon Hollis.

The former Moderator and current Culture of Safety Resource Minister is leaving her Synod role to become Assembly President from July.

General Secretary Mark Lawrence, Associate General Secretary Isabel Thomas Dobson and Ethical Standards Manager Sue Clarkson spoke glowingly about Sharon’s contribution to ...

Journey continues towards reconciliation

By Andrew Humphries

As National Reconciliation Week begins, Tasmania’s Leprena Centre manager, Alison Overeem, is urging Australia’s Second Peoples to continue on the journey with our First Peoples towards a mutual understanding.

“When we gather, we gather with a takila (heart) for each other’s narratives, not just on the surface but digging deep into the many layers of stories, that ...