Fighting leprosy ‘a calling from God’

A person is diagnosed with leprosy every two minutes but it is completely curable and you can help hundreds of thousands escape the disease's suffering and stigma.

Ten years of building fences and friendships

Next month the barbecue-stopping stories will ones of despair, hope and resilience as a Uniting Church volunteer support group commemorates its 10th year anniversary in the wake of the devastating Black Saturday bushfire

A congregation explores collage

A makeshift group of Brunswick Uniting Church members were recently asked to follow their art and ended up somewhere unexpected.

The challenge of change

We seek to change, not to earn God’s love and salvation, but to better live into and share God’s love.

Rose to the occasion

When it comes to Valentine’s Day most of us think of roses, chocolates, romantic dinners and greeting cards.

Black Saturday anniversary prayer

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires that killed 180 people and devastated  communities across regional Victoria, Moderator Sharon Hollis prays for those who continue to be affected.

The science of playing God

Genetic manipulation is no longer in the realm of science fiction, raising a whole new set of ethical dilemmas.

Your new compact Crosslight

Crosslight has a new size, new look and new features. And proving the adage “nice things come in small packages” is true, the 40-page A4-sized magazine has been enthusiastically received.

Plenty of belief up on the big screen

Korean War veteran Mike Kowalski whiles away his days camped on his porch in the Michigan suburbs growling a racist’s thesaurus of insults at or about his ethnic neighbours.