Something to sing about

King Island Uniting Church made a plea in the May edition of Crosslight for extra Together in Song books.

Puritan redemption

Nick Mattiske reviews What Are We Doing Here? from Marilynne Robinson

Meeting expectations

Meeting together as Christians to discern God’s will requires us to be active listens for the Spirit, writes Sharon Hollis.

Theological perspective

Bob Faser reviews A Genuinely Theological Church: ministry, theology and the Uniting Church by Geoff Thompson.

Monastic fantastic

A group of Uniting Church members and theological students had the opportunity to experience the rigours and rewards of monastic life.

Social housing is going places

Five modular townhouses will soon be installed on a church site at Ballarat as social housing for vulnerable youth.

Hope and Joy

Baptist Sunday morning worship service in Goma. We are living in a period of significant turmoil. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed by the current political climate.