Shore thing for tireless Beryl

George Town Uniting Church member Beryl Osborne is also the stalwart of Bell Bay's Seafarers Mission, on Tasmania's north-east coast.

Voice for the marginalised

Pilgrim Theological College Rev Associate Professor Monica Melanchthon has a strong commitment to those people who sometimes don't have a voice in society.

Advent invites reflection

As he awaits the birth of his own child, Moderator David Fotheringham reflects on Advent and how it calls us to take a look at the state of the world.

Waiting game on flooding

Pastor Carol Boyce from the Mallee Rivers Regional Team writes about the wait as flooding makes its way slowly into the region's catchment areas.

Music soothes the soul

A concert at North Balwyn Uniting Church later this month will raise money for an important Uniting AgeWell music therapy program.

Pilgrim honours 2022 students

The Centre for Theology and Ministry in Parkville hosted the 2022 Pilgrim Theological College Valedictory Service yesterday, as 32 students were recognised for their achievements.

Moderator’s flood letter

Moderator David Fotheringham has written a pastoral letter expressing support for communities impacted by flooding in Victoria and Tasmania.

Vehicle for change

Synod Senior Social Justice Advocate Mark Zirnsak is driving the campaign to raise awareness about Uber and Uber Eats' exploitative business practices which negatively impact its drivers and delivery riders.

Where are we going?

Four Uniting Church Ministers give their thoughts on where the Church should be heading as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rough, tumble and a way out

As homeless numbers continue to rise in Victoria, four people share their stories of life on the streets and how Uniting were able to assist them.

Would you like to dance?

They say it takes two to tango and that's definitely the case with disability and spirituality.

Vines grow with God’s care

“While different local contexts are at different points, we are all part of the one vine … (and) God is the ultimate vine-grower," writes Moderator David Fotheringham.