Inroads alleviating poverty

The Andean band Inka Marka (pictured) provided some lively musical entertainment at a recent event held by the Aireys Inlet Uniting Church.

A new challenge for Isabel

Former moderator Isabel Thomas Dobson (pictured) said she hadn’t considered the position of associate general secretary before being tapped on the shoulder by the placements committee earlier this year.

Remembering the toll of road tolls

At the 2007 ‘Time for Remembering’ service, 336 plates on the steps of Parliament House represented the number of road victims in 2006.

Not like this

Abba Poemen said that passions work in stages; he said that, if you can purify your heart, passion will not come into your expression; but if it comes into your face, take care not to speak; but if you do speak, cut the

Stoles for Fiji

Methodists gather in Fiji One of the most striking images of the new look of the Methodist Church in Fiji are the elaborate stoles unveiled as part of the church’s first national gathering for seven years in August.

Festive faith

Cards, Carols & Claus: Christmas in Popular Culture and Progressive Christianity by Rex A E Hunt.

Love song

David Hodges and David Ross Smith                                     The pilot-music therapy program offered by Uniting AgeWell r

Spring fashion with a twist

Vonda Hooper (left) artist Gwen Egg with outfits made by made by embroidering and re-shaping potting mix bags Milk bottle tops and cartons, plastic bags, plastic wrapping, plastic strapping, paper, cardboard aluminum and

Still serving others

Mollie Chick Mollie Chick (pictured) spent virtually all her life putting others first, as a nurse and then as an ordained Uniting Church minister and hospital chaplain.