Warm welcome in Swan Hill

L-R April Robinson, Jill Ruzbacky, Aja and Paul Dau with their children, Sarah Tomilson Towards the end of last year I had the privilege of accepting an invitation from the Swan Hill Uniting Church to visit their church


A brother came to Desert Father Abba Theodore and began to converse with him about things that he had never put into practice.

Good news for all?

In November last year, during the annual Preaching and Ministry Conference held at the Centre for Theology and Ministry, Rev Dr Santhosh Kumar (pictured) delivered the JD Northey Lecture.

A raw message for Sacred Edge

Initially, when Mariam Issa (pictured) and her family arrived in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton 15 years ago, it was the incongruous mix that it sounds. “I was very much out of place,” she said.

War Games Inc

A scene from Spec Ops: The Line Review by Emmet O’Cuana Within days of the horrific murder of Luke Batty by his mentally ill father, a local conservative lobby group – in a shameful display of opportunism –  has seized u

Life choices

                                As the saying goes, the only certainties in life are death and taxes.

A greener future

The National Energy Efficiency Network (NEEN) is a government funded program working to empower faith-based and not-for-profit community organisations to become more energy efficient.

Something to crow about

Sofie Ross (W), Tony Rickards (F), Angus Grant (M) and Tom Conroy as John. Image by Jeff Busby.

Moderator committee convenes

Kirsty Bennett, Lavingi Tupou, John Diprose, Alistair Macrae, Trevor Bassett.Absent from the photo is Anna Harrison.