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“It has been commonly said in the past: ‘No home in Victoria is without a PWMU Cookbook’,” Mairi Harman, editor of the new updated cookbook, wrote.

After asking around at various UCA, private and family functions, I have found this to be very close to the truth.

When I was a young girl, my sister and I learnt to bake by cooking package cakes. I loved my mum’s copy of the PWMU Cookbook and could hardly wait to try the proper recipes in mum’s special cookbook for myself.

As a young wife I got my own 1976 copy. Favourite recipes were noted by the food splashes on those pages.

I bought my three children the 100th year edition as they were settling into adult independence.

At the launch of this lastest edition, my grandson (11) – who loves cooking and sees himself as a Master Chef – was given his own copy.

Four generations with splattered and well-worn favourite pages. Our favourite recipes passed down. Recipes like tuna casserole, chow mein, zucchini slice, pumpkin soup, chocolate cake, hedgehog, cornies, apple pies, jams and cordial.

Not to mention the Play Dough recipe and woolly-wash mixture.

How wonderful to see these recipes in the new book along with some new ones like: homemade gluten free flour, Thai green curry, dahl, Moroccan chicken casserole, sticky black rice pudding, and fig and apple paste, just to name a few.

With Christmas coming up I would strongly suggest that you put the PWMU Cookbook on your shopping list. If not for you, I’m sure you know someone who would love it. Think: daughter-in-law, newly-married niece, the grandson leaving home and going to Uni.

The PWMU Cookbook committee is a joint Presbyterian and Uniting Church committee and all funds raised are distributed through grants and projects. Each year the Vic/Tas synod UCAF supports the Pastoral Theology Prize for a final year theology student.

This year’s recipient, Mr Ian Turnnidge, received a cheque and a complimentary PWMU Cookbook.

Also for sale is Suet to Saffron, a book written by Fiona Bligh on the history of the PWMU Cookbook. Another great read and full of memories and recipes reflecting the changes in Australian society and culture.

Cost: PWMU Cookbook, $25.00 + postage. Suet to Saffron, $20.00 + postage. Available at:
E: or The Uniting Church Resource Centre: P: 03 9340 8807 or

Review by Kristine Zerbst.

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