Cheer up, it’s not all bad

I’VE just finished class. It’s nearly 3 pm. Wednesdays are always busy – university from 9 am to 3 pm and I won’t be home until 9:45 pm tonight.

Learning for life

I AM currently studying at Australian Catholic University, where I find myself as the only non-school teacher in a room of teachers and the only non-Catholic in a room of Catholics.

Anzac and Synod 2013

Thanks AS a mover of the original synod proposal in 2011, my thanks to Mark Zirnsak and other committee members for the production of the report on Afghanistan, with its careful suggestions about developing a just peace.

Letting go

WELL, at the time of writing this I have been your Moderator for two weeks.

Let them be seen

Hidden People Review by Andrew Juma OF THE major pandemics afflicting the world, leprosy is probably the one forgotten by mainstream society.

Slapstick genius

  One Man, Two Guvnors By Richard Bean, Arts Centre Melbourne Playhouse until 22 June Review by Penny Mulvey   Owain Arthur ONE Man, Two Guvnors is pure old fashioned, slapstick comedy exquisitely performed.

Trading places

Holy Switch Compass ABC1 Review by Larry Marshall WOULD you swap your Christian home for two weeks and step into the shoes of a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Muslim or a Jew? Are you adventurous enough to discover the unknown an

Art with heart

WESLEY Fire and Clay is a social enterprise and disability day program of Wesley Mission Victoria, which provides supported employment opportunities for up to 41 people living with a disability.

Two principals

ANDY Müller was installed as the new principal of Launceston’s Scotch Oakburn College, a Uniting Church day and boarding school Andrew Barr following his installation at Geelong College for boys and girls in April.