Celebrating diversity at Melton

Melton Uniting Church recently opened its new church hall, with a procession leading into a service attended by Moderator Isabel Thomas Dobson and more than 250 local parishioners.

God’s Speed

A gathering of more than 60 people packed the Speed Uniting Church to witness the decommissioning of the building.

Lentara UnitingCare awarded

Lentara UnitingCare has been awarded the 2013 Compassionate Employer Recognition Award from Compassionate Friends Victoria.

Dreams become reality

Last month across the nation we celebrated Harmony Day as part of Diversity Week. It would be nice to live in a world where we no longer need a national day to promote tolerance in our culturally diverse country.

Lessons from Ireland

IRELAND has been a leader in investigating institutional child sex abuse, particularly in relation to the Roman Catholic Church.

Advocate facing prison

Moderator Isabel Thomas Dobson has written to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bob Carr, seeking his intervention for a human rights defender in Thailand.

Building a safe church

A recent report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has indicated a significant increase in cases of abuse and neglect against children.

Pope Francis welcomed

The Uniting Church in Australia has welcomed the election of Pope Francis. Pope Francis was elected to the papal office to replace Pope Benedict XVI on March 13.

Transforming lives

When Lima Toura (pictured below) prepares a sermon, she does it by the light of a single cell solar battery lamp using her precious, tiny collection of third-hand commentaries given to her on graduation from Seghe Theolo

A marriage made in heaven

By Nigel Tapp Ian Joyce remembers clearly the day he first knew he was going to marry his wife, Fay.

Football, finance and faith

“I always joke that 1977 was a big year. It was the year I met my wife (Catriona), the year The Uniting Church was born and the year Collingwood had a drawn grand final.