Transforming lives

When Lima Toura (pictured below) prepares a sermon, she does it by the light of a single cell solar battery lamp using her precious, tiny collection of third-hand commentaries given to her on graduation from Seghe Theolo

A marriage made in heaven

By Nigel Tapp Ian Joyce remembers clearly the day he first knew he was going to marry his wife, Fay.

Football, finance and faith

“I always joke that 1977 was a big year. It was the year I met my wife (Catriona), the year The Uniting Church was born and the year Collingwood had a drawn grand final.

Fresh face for funds

UCA Funds Management’s new CEO, Michael Walsh (pictured), comes to the role with an extensive background in the financial sector as well as a passion for ethical investing and environmental issues.

Reaching for the top: Mt Zion

In this film, writer-director Tearepa Kahi asks us to consider what can happen to a person’s roots – in their family and community – when they reach for the stars at whatever cost.

Django Unchained – racism unchanged

Django Unchained was arguably the most controversial movie nominated for an Oscar during this awards season due not to its brutal violence, but its liberal use of racial epithets.

Divine gaming?

I take my character, Altaïr, behind a pillar, to sit and to eavesdrop. In order to carry out my next assassination I need to pickpocket a civilian up ahead, who is currently meeting a friend, for a map he owns.

Living creatively

For the past 40 years, St Andrew’s Creative Living Centre in Bendigo has offered a place of welcome to local people living with emotional and psychiatric issues. Catherine Dennis is the director of the centre.

Bringing resurrection to recidivism

At Easter we remember how Jesus was accused of being a criminal; judged by an angry mob and corrupt officials; and violently and publicly killed. Those who called for his death believed it was just.

He is risen indeed

Happy Easter! As we celebrate the central event of the Christian faith may it be a time of joy and renewal for you. We are Easter people.