As easy as making a bed

“Ending world poverty” is the oft-stated aspiration for everyone from presidents to pop stars to pageant queens.

What is money for?

What if I told you you could buy the right to shoot an endangered black rhino in South Africa for $150,000; or rent out space on your forehead to display commercial advertising for $777 in New Zealand; or stand in line t

Finding truth in grief

Nearly six months ago my beloved partner died unexpectedly, tragically and traumatically.  At the time I was coordinating the response group to Uniting our future.

Inspections begin

The collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh in April last year focussed world attention on conditions faced by workers who produce clothing for many of the western world’s retail outlets.

Expos help elderly age well at home

Uniting AgeWell successfully hosted two expos in Southern Tasmania last month which showcased the services available to assist elderly people age well at home.

Union pride

Proud to be a Wharfie, By Jim Beggs AM, Published by Arcadia Review by Nigel Tapp Jim Beggs’ rise to the top of the Waterside Workers’ Federation may never have happened if he had not struck up a conversation with his ne

LGBTI: Daring the church

Every two years since 1994, LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) people with a connection to the Uniting Church in Australia have met to share their experiences of faith at the Uniting Network Austral

Conferences on The Basis of Union and preaching

By Rev Dr Chris Walker What is the connection between The Basis of Union and preaching?  The Centre for Ministry at North Parramatta presents the opportunity to explore this in back-to-back conferences in August.

A pleasant Sunday afternoon

Sometimes good ideas and projects run out of steam and need to be given a good Christian burial. Sometimes they can be resurrected in a form more appropriate to a new or different context.