Crackdown on corruption

The Justice and International Mission (JIM) unit recently produced a submission for the Inquiry into Crimes Legislation Amendment (Unexplained Wealth and Other Measures) Bill 2014.

Planning ahead

Uniting AgeWell will be running an expo at its Strathdon facility in Forest Hill this month.

The business of church

Some years ago I worked for a Christian international relief and development organization. It was a privilege to visit partners, to sit with them and break bread, observe projects and gather stories.

Faith for the future

As the Uniting our future program enters the relocation and resettlement phase, some congregations are facing the reality of leaving much-loved churches.

Breaking bad habits

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad The phenomenal success of television show Breaking Bad has cast a spurious light on the world of methamphetamines.

Healing the broken parts of us

Hugo Weaving and Don Hany with Healing co-stars mark Leonard Winter and Xavier Samuel How does someone move on after doing something horrible to another person, or even ending a person’s life? How does someone rebuild a

Last days of the lucky country?

Although criticized for an apparent lack of cohesive direction, the March in March protests were, if nothing else, a telling barometer of the growing dissatisfaction of public life in Australia.

Why I broke the law

On Monday 11 church leaders and members – from Uniting, Anglican, Baptist and other denominations – staged a sit-in at the WA electoral office of Julie Bishop to protest the cruel treatment of children in immigration det

Rev Rronang Garrawurra, chairperson of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC), stands in front of Parliament House as part of a vigil for ‘A Destiny Together: A Week of Prayer and Fasting for Just

Travelling south

Michelle Cook her son Zane and husband James                                   Rev Deacon Michelle Cook has gone from one of the countr