Stained glass restoration

Lovers of stained glass church windows visiting England between now and August 23 have the opportunity to see Britain’s oldest examples for the first time at Canterbury Cathedral’s exhibition The Ancestors.

Seeing through echoes

Sometimes the technology our own brain and body produces can be as brilliant as anything developed by a team of Apple or Microsoft developers.

Peg It Forward

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. Every year, Year 9 students from Billanook College take part in the City9 experience.

Five Children, Five Religions

This is a beautiful film and through the gentle innocence of these five children we begin to understand how similar we are in our various faith traditions.

The Comfort of Community

In the most difficult of circumstances, a sense of community can inspire hope and a feeling of normality.

The Good Samaritan

Image: Barry Kough/Lewiston Tribune Mathew Sitko’s SUV was hanging precariously over the edge of a canyon when a man rushed to his aid. The photo above shows the man pulling Mr Sitko to safety.