Peg It Forward

Peg It Forward

A simple act of kindness can go a long way.

Every year, Year 9 students from Billanook College take part in the City9 experience. The week-long excursion introduces students to the rich diversity of the Melbourne community.

One of the activities the students participated in this year is ‘Peg It Forward’. This involves students writing words of encouragement or a short compliment onto a wooden peg. The peg is then clipped onto a random stranger’s clothes, bags or bicycle.

Some of the messages written on the pegs include ‘love yourself’, ‘have a great day’ and ‘love the life you live’.

The exercise was inspired by the Peg It Forward movement that originated in the United States. The idea was envisioned by a college student while on a trip at Disneyland.

It is a spin on the ‘pay it forward’ concept, with simple, wooden pegs being used to pass on uplifting messages to strangers.

The activity aims to encourage students to brighten the day of other people by performing a random act of kindness. By spreading happiness one peg at a time, a message of love and goodwill can be shared with the world.

On the streets of Melbourne this week, pegs were given to policemen, teachers, classmates and a homeless man.

Students shared the experience on social media, tweeting about the exercise using the hashtag #PegItForward.

billanook tweet3

Peg It Forward tweet - Billanook

The Peg It Forward exercise encouraged Billanook College students to embrace a spirit of giving in their everyday lives. Even something as simple as a peg can brighten the day of a stranger.

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