Church leaders make mental health promise

Uniting Church and community service leaders have pledged to reduce mental health stigma during a session at the UnitingCare Australia Leaders Conference.

The two-day conference, held in Sydney from 10 to 11 October, brings together leaders from the Uniting Church and its community service network.

The opening day of the conference coincided with World Mental Health Day. UnitingCare Australia national ...

No place to call home for LGBTIQ+ people

As Australia continues to debate whether same-sex attracted people should be allowed to marry, World Homelessness Day can serve as reminder that what may be considered a more basic right – to secure and safe accommodation – is denied to many LGBTIQ+ people.

A recent study by GALFA (the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia) found that LGBTIQ+ ...

Moderator releases Mental Health Week video

Synod of Victoria and Tasmania moderator Sharon Hollis says Christians should be aware of the language they use regarding mental health issues if they want to model the love and acceptance of Jesus.

In a video message released for Mental Health Week Ms Hollis said that a fear of being labelled or summed up means some people never talk about ...

Two reactions to the Las Vegas shooting

Reflections on the Las Vegas Gun Massacre

By Cliff Armitage

Horrified Australian observers of the killing spree in Las Vegas this week may wonder whether the resulting national shock can break the impasse in the US on sensible gun law reforms.

They need only look to Australia as 20 years ago, what seemed impossible became possible. After the ...

Fire destroys Gagebrook church

Parishioners and supporters have vowed to rebuild the Uniting Church Community Centre, in the northern Hobart suburb of Gagebrook, which was destroyed by a deliberately lit fire early yesterday morning.

More than $500,000 damage was caused to the site which not only housed the local Uniting Church but also offices of Uniting – which undertakes emergency relief operations ...

Four legged retirees bringing companionship to residents in Tasmania

Two retired greyhounds are spending their twilight years keeping residents company and easing their transition into aged care at Uniting AgeWell’s Strathglen and Lillian Martin communities in Tasmania.

The canines have been such a hit, they recently featured on ABC News in Tasmania and the ABC Hobart Facebook page, where the moving story has been viewed almost 380,000 times.


Toll of early onset dementia

Margaret and Peter have been together for more than 50 years and, like most couples, have faced many challenges. Having survived the ups and downs of raising three children, they were looking forward to retirement in the country town of Drouin close to their family, watching their four grandchildren grow up and doing some travelling.

However, for the past ...

Neighbourly approach to justice

The biblical commandment to ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ will fittingly be the theme of an upcoming conference on social justice.

Taking place at the Melbourne Town Hall from 27-28 October, the Justice Conference will bring together Christians from around Australia as they explore what reconciliation and justice mean in an increasingly pluralistic world.

Now in its third year, the ...

Yellow and (finally) back

When Stuart Davidson’s beloved Fitzroy folded in 1996, his then five-year-old son, Nicholas, suggested Stuart could join him as a Richmond fan.

“Fitzroy played Richmond in its last Melbourne game and it was pretty emotional after we left the ground. Nicholas put up a convincing argument about both sides being cats (Fitzroy/Lions and Richmond/Tigers) and said he thought it would ...

Homeless advocates welcome ban backflip

Uniting Wesley has welcomed Melbourne City Council’s dumping of a bylaw that would have banned homeless people from camping in the CBD.

Melbourne’s lord mayor Robert Doyle announced that Council would not be putting in place the proposed ban following legal advice that it would be at odds with Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

Janene Evans, ...