Habit forming


A crucifix-wearing Catholic nun was the unlikely catalyst for reconnecting Amna Iqbal to her Islamic faith.

Before she moved to Melbourne, Amna grew up in the UK where she attended a Catholic school.

“A lot of my love for interfaith is because it is familiar to me – the hymns, the verses, the ...

Stepping up to run a business


When Minerva couldn’t find a suitable source of protein to feed her baby she decided to invent one.

She came up with a spread based on legumes that has no added sugar, preservatives and is allergen-free.

It proved a hit with her daughter and, being a food technologist, Minerva saw market potential.

“I always ...

After the tsunami

UnitingWorld church partners have responded quickly to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Sulawesi in late September, but donations are still needed to support recovery efforts.

More than 2000 people are confirmed dead, 5000 remain missing and an estimated 70,000 are homeless.

The disaster has taken a personal toll on UnitingWorld partners in Indonesia, with ...

‘Wonder women’ weaving together


With more than 300 women from across Australia in attendance, UnitingWomen 2018 was an opportunity to weave stories of wisdom and wonder.

From the opening words of welcome to the closing communion service, the theme of sharing stories about the interweaving of faith and life ran through the third UnitingWomen conference in Brisbane at ...

Hitting out against slavery

A team of dedicated table tennis players last month rallied against slavery at High Street Road Uniting Church as they took part in the annual Ping-Pong-A-Thon.

For 18 hours, 80 participants showed off their prowess at the Mt Waverley church, raising more than $10,000 towards the national campaign.

The funds raised support nine organisations working to ...

Road toll remembrance

A multi-faith ceremony of healing for those impacted by road trauma will be held at Victoria’s Parliament House this month.

Every year, the Uniting Church organises a Time for Remembering service on the third Sunday of November to commemorate World Day of Remembrance for Road Trauma Victims.

The ceremony is also an opportunity to ...

ReGen wins award

Uniting Vic.Tas’s Mother and Baby Residential Withdrawal Service has been recognised with an Excellence in Women’s Health award at the 2018 Victorian Healthcare Awards.

The service, a key strategic initiative of Uniting ReGen and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, fills a crucial and longstanding gap in the Victorian Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) system ...

From Melbourne to Malawi


As the first permanent audiologists in Malawi, Peter and Rebecca Bartlett arrived facing a mammoth task.

The couple and their three young children had never set foot in the southeast African country before, and they had to adapt quickly to a lack of resources and facilities.

“We started off doing hearing tests in ...

Being there for asylum seekers


Uniting Church agencies are calling for help in supporting asylum seekers attempting to make a new life in Australia.

Andi Jones, Uniting Vic.Tas manager of Lentara’s Asylum Seeker Programs in Brunswick, which are not government funded, says asylum seekers often have limited means of support.

“Those people we case manage receive $100 per ...

Centenary of tears for Tasmania

Remembrance Day in November marks 100 years since the signing of the Armistice to end World War I, and Tasmanians this year have been remembering the terrible toll of the conflict on the island state.

In Tasmania, with a population of barely 190,000, 15,000 enlisted and nearly 3,000 were killed. Twice that number returned wounded.   


Committed to a climate conscious lifestyle

A new campaign is challenging Uniting Church members and people from other faith traditions to live a more environmentally aware lifestyle according to their religious teachings and help save the planet.

Last week, faith communities launched the Time for Living the Change global campaign with eight events across Australian capital cities, including Melbourne, and regional centres.

Participants engaged ...

Connected to country

A new landscape project at the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) Leprena Centre in Hobart aims to immerse visitors into the First Peoples’ cultural connection to country.

Over 70 people gathered to launch the Cultural Land and Playscape in the Hobart suburb of Glenorchy earlier this month.

Tasmania’s Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jacquie Petrusma officially opened the ...