Let’s pull together on pandemic

After receiving her second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, Moderator Denise Liersch has encouraged Uniting Church members to roll up their sleeves to help protect their communities.

Denise says each of us can play a part to help ensure as many members of the community as possible are fully vaccinated, and to help find a pathway out of ongoing ...

Sharon takes up the challenge

By Rebecca Beisler

When Rev Sharon Hollis was named President-elect of the Uniting Church in Australia, the world was a different place. It was pre-COVID-19.

Earlier this year, Sharon was installed as the next President, the third woman to hold the post, the first ordained woman and the first person, irrespective of gender, to take up the position in an ...

It’s a good habit to get into

By Andrew Humphries

It’s 11am on a Friday in early June and a group of Banyule Network of Uniting Churches members are meeting online as part of a regular weekly gathering.

It has become a favourite part of the week for them as they embrace a different type of worship and prayer.

In fact, group member David Campbell says he ...

All in the family for Laurenne

By Donald Moss

Laurenne Robertson admits to becoming quite emotional when she talks about what the Neil Street Uniting Church means to her.

That’s hardly surprising, given the fact that five generations of her family have worshipped at the historic church on Ballarat’s Soldiers Hill.

In fact, the site contains three distinct churches, making it, Laurenne believes, unique in Australia.


It’s time to raise our ‘sites’

By Andrew Humphries

On November 11, 1880, bushranger Ned Kelly was hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol, reportedly uttering the phrase “such is life” as he met the noose.

Kelly’s death came just 46 years after pioneer Edward Henty had established Victoria’s first European settlement at Portland Bay, 360km west of Melbourne, in 1834.

Just 23 years after Henty’s deed, Wesley ...

Putting the ‘I’ in Uniting

More courage needed

By Andrew Corkill

I often wonder what is next for the Uniting Church? It seems to me that the Uniting Church is now getting middle-aged. Like me, the spark and fervour of youth are fading. Wrinkles are forming, and ruts that I once railed against are feeling like a pair of old slippers, comfortable.

The Uniting Church ...

Ton of joy for Eve

Rev Sani Vaeluaga has done many wonderful things in his time as a Minister, but one of the most memorable occurred recently when he fulfilled a 101-year-old woman’s dearest wish.

On May 20, Sani had the remarkable honour of baptising Lara aged care resident Evelyn (Eve) Crumpton.

Sani and Eve’s pastoral carer, Beryl Kenny, conducted the baptism, while her family ...

It’s faith that unites us all

Several weeks ago, we celebrated the 44th anniversary of the Uniting Church. Many congregations and communities of faith marked that in worship, reflecting on the prayer of Jesus that so inspired the UCA’s formation back in 1977.

It was John 17:11 – that they may be one” – a prayer that, in our hearts and lives, God may be glorified. ...

Sharon Hollis installed as President

The first-ever online meeting for the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia took place over the weekend, with former Synod Moderator Rev Sharon Hollis installed as President.

In two historical and joyful moments for the Church, the 16th Assembly installed Sharon as its third woman President and declared Rev Charissa Suli the new President-elect, making her the youngest and ...

Parish has a special visitor


Corner Inlet Uniting Church Parish members were delighted to welcome Moderator Denise Liersch last Sunday, as she travels around the Gippsland region meeting with congregations.

Minister Rev Jennie Gordon says it was wonderful to have an opportunity to chat with Denise and share a deep sense of fellowship.

“Denise came to share worship and lunch with us at Foster ...

Young members have a say

National Assembly President Deidre Palmer had the opportunity to hear from some of the UC’s younger Victorian members during an online conversation last weekend.

As part of her President’s Roundtable, Deidre chatted via Zoom with a number of UC members aged between 18 and 25 to hear their views on a range of topics.

“As part of my ministry as ...

Narana pastoral letter from Moderator


Last Friday, I had the chance to visit Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Narana is a significant centre of ministry of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress in Victoria.

With extended lockdowns, travel and gathering restrictions, this was the first time in a long time since I’d been there.  I picked up Uncle Vince Ross, State Elder for ...