Reconciliation on right track

By Andrew Humphries

As our First Nations people mark two important dates on their calendar this week, Tasmanian indigenous spokesperson Alison Overeem urges Uniting Church members to continue driving the change towards reconciliation.

Today marks National Sorry Day while National Reconciliation Week runs from tomorrow until June 3.

The theme of Reconciliation Week this year is “Be Brave. Make Change” ...

Kits support safe childbirth

Birthing kits packed by Bairnsdale Uniting Church members are helping pregnant women and saving lives in developing countries.

Kits packed last year have made their way to a number of African countries, as well as Papua New Guinea.

The kits are important resources given free of charge to recognised agencies which support women before, during and after childbirth to help ...

Pride and prejudice

By Donald Moss

Dr Anne Pattel-Gray has lived a life of many academic firsts.

For example, in 1995, Anne became the first Indigenous person to graduate with a PhD from the University of Sydney and, two years later, she became the first Indigenous person to be awarded a Doctor of Divinity from India. As such, Anne is a recognised and ...

Home is where the art is

By Andrew Humphries

When a two-bedroom property at Sulphur Creek in Tasmania went on the market recently, keen buyers would have noticed an interesting feature in its kitchen.

In a nod to its history as the former Sulphur Creek UC, owner Suzanne Koblenz had created a mosaic featuring the Uniting Church logo on a wall in the ...

Safe space to speak up

By Andrew Humphries

While some organisations pay lip service to the concepts of inclusion and diversity, one regional congregation is setting the standard in giving a voice to some groups who might otherwise never be heard.

After a lengthy break, Uniting Queenscliff will hold its popular Sacrededge Festival at the end of this month, and support worker and volunteer Margot ...

Plague and the Easter faith

By John Evans

I recently read The Plague by Albert Camus and it became my meditation on these past two years of COVID-19. I was forced to think: what we have done well and not so well and, more particularly, where has God been during this time?

The Plague is an account of an epidemic in a French city after ...

Matter of life and death

By Stephen Acott

In 1999, as Mary Neale was kayaking down a river in North America, she came upon a waterfall. She knew it wasn’t too steep so she went down without a second thought.

And then something tragic happened.

Or so it seemed.

When the nose on Mary’s kayak hit the rocks at the bottom, it became wedged, pinning ...

Listen deeply to Luke’s message

By Denise Liersch

Jesus keeps opening our eyes to recognise him walking life’s path with us. He keeps surprising us with new possibilities of life in God.”

Luke 24: 1-12                   

Every year we come to Easter via a long journey through Lent, Holy Week and Good Friday, telling each other stories about what Jesus’s life means for us, his ...

Transgender day celebrated

Today is an important day for all gender diverse peoples in society. I was originally hesitant as to what I would write. My life story? My trauma? Pain? Etc, etc. Then it hit me, transgender visibility is more than just revealing the past and connecting from related traumas.

Transgender visibility day is a day where we unite on a proud ...

An Easter reflection


As we come towards Easter, Moderator Denise Liersch’s video invites us to listen to the story of Good Friday through Luke’s eyes.

“Luke invites us to listen much more deeply and to let ourselves be touched by the griefs and disappointments that saturate his story of the resurrection of Jesus, because, for Luke, Good Friday is enmeshed all through ...

Theatre a hit after COVID-19

By Cameron McAdam

The pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk recently finished a season in Mt Eliza, as part of a community engagement activity of the Village Uniting Church, Mt Eliza.

Back in 2019, a then group of church playgroup and church parents got talking about the possibility of doing a pantomime.

I had an amateur theatre background, the Mt Eliza ...

Natural order and the Bible

By Geoff Thompson

Traditional Christian teaching on sex and gender assumes a correlation between the natural and moral orders.

While this has biblical warrants, the Bible also contains other views about the relationship between the natural and the moral, most notably in the books of Ecclesiastes and Job.

Ecclesiastes asks, “Who can make straight what God has made crooked?”

When ...