Reflections on blessing

"To be blessed, is to be filled with wonder at the love of God who is on the side of those who are poor, in trouble or who are grieving," writes Moderator Denise Liersch.

Call to prayer after tsunami

Uniting Church members are being urged to pray for the people of Tonga, after the South Pacific Island nation was devastated by a tsunami last weekend.

Kim’s life of service

Between them, Kim Searle and her great-grandfather have more or less preached continuously in the same church for 122 years.

My Prayer

A prayer from Helen Brumby.

Mental Health Month – Prayer of Intercession

Synod disability inclusion advocate Andy Calder has offered the following adapted prayer for use during Mental Health Week (7 -14 October) and Mental Health Month in Victoria (7 October to 6 November).

Prayer for Essendon plane crash

I found myself driving towards the airport today, just after the plane crashed. My car was at a standstill, I was listening to the radio hearing stories of eyewitnesses their voices full of fear and sadness.

Prayers for a deeply shaken city

Melbourne CBD feels different this Monday morning even as workers sit at their familiar desks while tourists wander the streets.

What prayer brings to the table

By Katharine Massam Prayer is… The 1656 painting Praying Always by the Dutch painter Nicholas Maes is an icon of the Reformation.

Prayers for France

REV SHARON HOLLIS Once again we find ourselves waking to shocking news of terrorism taking lives, upending our certainty, making us feel vulnerable and shaking our hope.

Robin Pryor’s Ministry Remembered

Rev Robin Pryor was a great believer in the power of a labyrinth to invite Christians to encounter the Spirit’s presence of the risen Lord as the two followers did on the road to Emmaus, outlined in the Gospel of John.