My Prayer


If I must use my hands for you, Lord,

Please let my hands be strong;

If I must fight a hard fight for you, Lord,

Please, won’t you come along.

If I must sing a glad song for you, Lord,

Help me to strike the right note;

Help me remember, when I’m feeling down,

That others are in the same boat.

If I must offer my love for you, Lord,

Make my arms warm and secure;

If my faith trembles a bit, now and then,

Give me a faith that is sure.

If I must tread a long road for you, Lord,

Please let my steps be true;

If I’m confused about what to do next,

Please tell me, Lord, what to do.

If I must use my brain for you, Lord,

Let not my thoughts go astray;

Whatever it is that you want from me, Lord,

Please walk with me all of the way.


Helen Brumby

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