Prayer for Essendon plane crash

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praying handsI found myself driving towards the airport today, just after the plane crashed. My car was at a standstill, I was listening to the radio hearing stories of eyewitnesses their voices full of fear and sadness. I watched as fire engines, police and ambulance weaved their way through gridlocked traffic.  I saw the smoke rise.  I witnessed truck drivers make space in traffic to let emergency service vehicles through. I thought of the people who today will have their lives and plans interrupted by an unwelcome, unwanted visit from the police. Never again will they be the same. And I offered this prayer.

God loving and strong
We pray for all affect by the Essendon plane crash.

For those whose loved ones have died
May they be surrounded by support and comfort

For first responders
May they find resilience and peace.

For those who witnessed the accident
May they find serenity and understanding.

For each of us
May we be tender hearted towards others and ever grateful for life. Amen.


Image: remediate.this/flickr

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