The Way of the Cross

On Good Friday, Christians from different denominations will journey through the streets of Melbourne as part of the annual The Way of the Cross walk.

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A Home At Christmas – For Those With None

Pioneers from the 2/2nd digging-in, Syria, November 1941. Wikipedia. I’ll be home for Christmas You can plan on me. Please have the snow and mistletoe And presents on the tree.

Star Wars, Meta-narratives and the gospel

Rev Dr Mark Worthing, who has published books examining the intersection between Christian faith and pop culture, was approached for interview in relation to the ‘Religion and Fandom‘ article.

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Uniting Church supports Syrian refugees

The Australian Government’s decision to increase Australia’s refugee intake by 12,000 has galvanised advocacy groups and community members into action.

That’s entertainment

Thirteen may be a number that scares some people, but for David Hamley it’s a number that promises new opportunity.

Shelter from the storm

The Uniting Church’s National Assembly has adopted a new refugee and asylum seeker policy titled Shelter from the Storm.

Assembly news

14th Triennial Assembly Uniting Church in Australia  While most of us in the eastern states shiver through icy temperatures, over in Perth approximately 300 members of the National Assembly continue to meet in temperatur