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Crosslight surveyThank you to our readers who took the time over the Christmas/New Year break to fill in our reader survey – both the hardcopy and online versions.

Results from the survey reinforced the balancing act Crosslight must achieve to appeal to such a broad readership. As we attract more online readers, we hope we continue to represent the views of our traditional audience.

As the only communications tool that reaches every member of the UCA Vic/Tas synod, it is important for Crosslight to appeal to the broadest readership possible. While no publication can be all things to all people, it was pleasing to note that, from our reader responses, we are getting a lot of things right.

While the variety of responses reflects the diversity of the church, some trends and common themes did emerge. Readers overwhelmingly appreciate the letters page; more than 50 per cent of respondents identified it as their favourite section of the paper. This was closely followed by profile and people stories, and the monthly editorial.

The survey also highlighted areas where we can improve the publication and best meet the interests of our readers. Again, we found a diversity of opinion. Comments ranged from “a waste of paper” to “an excellent publication”. Some readers included thoughtful examples of where improvements can be made, and we will certainly consider all responses throughout the coming year.

We were impressed by the commitment to volunteering within your local communities. From working in op shops, campaigning for social justice, reading to children and leading church groups, it is clear our readers share a passion for community work. We hope to be able to share more inspirational stories of people living out their faith throughout the year.

Although we have collated the survey results, we are still interested to hear your views. So if you haven’t filled in the survey yet, feel free to send it in soon. And we encourage you to continue to write letters to the editor, or join in the conversations online, about things that matter in your church life.

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