Presidential seal of approval

Visitors to Uniting AgeWell’s Noble Park Community might be surprised to see residents holding and stroking a very cute and quite noisy baby seal.

UA Sunday

Uniting AgeWell’s historical links with the Uniting Church date back 70 years, when some of the Presbyterian and Methodist congregations had the vision and foresight to build facilities to invest in the care of older pe

Art with heart

Art lovers, architecture enthusiasts and aspiring artists will all find inspiration at this year’s Uniting AgeWell Strathdon Community Art Exhibition.

The healing power of home

When 89-year-old Reginald Rigby suffered a serious fall at home earlier this month and broke his left shoulder, hospital staff offered him the choice of recovering in respite care or at an aged care home.

Advent stories of peace: Soothing sounds

For Christians the birth of Jesus is not just an historical event to be marked on Christmas Day but is an ongoing story of the way that God is at work in the world.

Concert to raise funds for dementia

Pic: Eva Alegre Opera Su Presto will be performing at Toorak Uniting Church on 18 December to raise funds for people with dementia. Its new show Les Liaisons Misérables is a political farce set in the court of Louis XVI.