99-year-old AgeWell resident shaves head for cancer

doris before her head is shaved
A 99-year-old Uniting AgeWell resident has shaved her head to raise money for the Cancer Council.

For the third consecutive year, residents at Uniting AgeWell Lillian Martin Community in Tasmania participated in the Relay for Life marathon, where they complete laps around the facility. Last year, they raised more than $700 for the Cancer Council.

Resident Doris Thackery offered to shave her head if the Lillian Martin Community raised more than $2000 for this year’s event.

The community ended up raising more than $2500. Doris, who turned 99 the day before the Relay for Life on 27 February, fulfilled her promise and had her head shaved in front of supporters and friends.

“It all started as a joke when the male carers shaved their heads for the event last year,” Doris said.

“I asked ‘why should men get to have all the fun?’, and decided it’s time women get to do it as well.

“I was not nervous at all. At my age I’m ready for anything and with two daughters having had cancer, I’m very committed to the cause.”

doris after her head is shaved

Residents prepared for this year’s Relay for Life by donning sneakers and training with the help of physiotherapists, families, volunteers, chaplains and lifestyle staff.

Vicki Mills, Lillian Martin’s manager of integrated services, said the training gave everyone an opportunity to exercise and, in the process, brought the whole community together.

“On top of the usual restorative care with physiotherapists, everyone took part in walking groups, exercising on bikes and strength training,” Ms Mills said.

“The whole Lillian Martin community got behind Doris and residents who participated in the relay.”

To make a donation, contact Uniting AgeWell Lillian Martin on (03) 6282 1111.

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