A time to be born and a time to die

MOVIE  l  The Zero Theorem  l  M

Terry Gilliam’s latest film opens with a naked man sitting in a chair in the middle of an abandoned church, gazing at a computer display of a vast black hole in space. The computer display and surrounding items of technology identify the film as being set in some futuristic period. The surrounding ...

UCA’s hot-button issues in brand new book

An Informed Faith, The Uniting Church at the beginning of the 21st century (ed by William W. Emilsen.)

BOOK  l  $39.95
Available at UNIChurch resources

Review by Penny Mulvey

Last month, UCA past president Rev Alistair Macrae and the moderator of NSW/ACT Synod were both arrested for participating in a joint action of civil disobedience in the Melbourne ...

Double or nothing?

MOVIE  l  The Double  l M l

As I watched, I wondered if I was supposed to understand what, exactly, was going on. Just a few minutes into Richard Ayoade’s latest film, I realised it was not going to be a hopeful comedy of self-realisation and ‘turning one’s life around’. Oh, no. It was going to be a lot more ...

Yes or No-ah

Below are two responses to Darren Aronofsky’s film Noah, by Megan Graham and Emmet O’Cuana.

Noah blockbuster makes questionable choices
by Megan Graham

The International Movie Database website describes the plot of Noah this way: “A man is chosen by his world’s creator to undertake a momentous mission to rescue the innocent before an ...

Real love

Love Made Real – David Hodges’ Service to the Church and Community

Review by David Flowers

This book traces the parish life and work of Rev David Hodges AM from 1968 to 1983 at the Toorak Uniting Church (TUC). It gives some attention to his ministry thereafter until his retirement in 2006.

Readers of this book have three broad ...

To save or not to save?

The World is Not Ours to Save, T Wigg-Stevenson, InterVarsity press, 2013.

Review by Cath James

As someone who works for justice, I confess to entertaining the thought that I might contribute a little to making the world a better place. But this book has challenged my thoughts on this.

The first part of this book draws on ...

52 Tuesdays – From Adelaide to Berlin

52 Tuesdays is 2014’s little Australian film that could. Developed through a South Australian initiative called FilmLab – aimed at producing low budget features for film-makers looking to enter the industry – this picture with a small cast and challenging subject matter has already taken the Crystal Bear prize at the Berlinale Generation 14plus competition.

The plot of the film ...

Union pride

Proud to be a Wharfie, By Jim Beggs AM, Published by Arcadia
Review by Nigel Tapp

Jim Beggs’ rise to the top of the Waterside Workers’ Federation may never have happened if he had not struck up a conversation with his neighbour and a man akin to the enemy, stevedoring company advisor Tom Uren.

Soon after the pair met ...

Healing the broken parts of us

How does someone move on after doing something horrible to another person, or even ending a person’s life? How does someone rebuild a sense of self-worth after being excluded from society for years?

New Australian film Healing promises a lot with its intriguing synopsis, well-established cast and stunning footage by Academy Award winning cinematographer Andrew Lesnie. The only thing undermining ...

Last days of the lucky country?

Although criticized for an apparent lack of cohesive direction, the March in March protests were, if nothing else, a telling barometer of the growing dissatisfaction of public life in Australia.

At a time when thousands of people throughout the country are taking to the streets to voice opposition towards a range of policies, it is timely to consider factors ...