Let them be seen

Hidden People
Review by Andrew Juma

OF THE major pandemics afflicting the world, leprosy is probably the one forgotten by mainstream society. Akin to polio, it seems an anachronism, a disease long thought cured and consigned to history.

However, the existence of The Leprosy Mission (TLM) and other organisations working to combat the disease reflects its resurgent nature.

Far ...

Slapstick genius


One Man, Two Guvnors By Richard Bean, Arts Centre Melbourne Playhouse until 22 June Review by Penny Mulvey


ONE Man, Two Guvnors is pure old fashioned, slapstick comedy exquisitely performed.

The latest Melbourne Theatre Company offering is another production from the National Theatre of Great Britain, following the impressive season of War Horse over the Christmas period.

Based ...

Support for ministers

The recent suicide of Matthew Warren, son of well-known American pastor Rick Warren (author of A Purpose Driven Life), has led many in the USA to question the role church plays in supporting those who suffer with a mental illness.

In a letter to his congregation, Pastor Warren wrote of his son’s long struggle with mental illness, despite having received ...

Lion’s tale

The Lion’s World – a journey into the heart of Narnia
By former-Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
RRP: $20.95. Available at UniChurch Resource Centre
Review by Ross Pearce

It is something of a testament to the enduring appeal of C S Lewis’ Narnia series that, almost 60 years after their publication, Rowan Williams chooses to ...

Mission memories

A seeker in Papua – the journal of a young missionary, by Rev John Kissack Arnold
Compiled and Edited by Iris Pederick (Arnold)  and Philip Pope
Price $50.00 (postage paid).
Available from  Iris Pederick 31 Sydenham Ave , Manifold Heights, 3218. Tel: (03)5222 8202
Review by Pat Riddel

This is the journal of a young ...

Reaching for the top: Mt Zion

In this film, writer-director Tearepa Kahi asks us to consider what can happen to a person’s roots – in their family and community – when they reach for the stars at whatever cost. Turei is a talented Maori musician living in New Zealand in 1979 who idolises Bob Marley.

When he hears news of the reggae singer’s upcoming tour ...

Django Unchained – racism unchanged

Django Unchained was arguably the most controversial movie nominated for an Oscar during this awards season due not to its brutal violence, but its liberal use of racial epithets. That Christoph Waltz won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor just adds to the list of injustices surrounding the movie. He should have been nominated for the Best Actor ...

Paternal love

Beloved Father – Beloved Son by Graeme Rutherford and Jonathan Rutherford
Mosaic Press 2013, rrp $19.95
Review by Canon Dr Ray Cleary AM

This recently released book details a conversation about faith and belief between a bishop, Graeme Rutherford and his atheist son, John. It is a remarkable book for its courage ...

Chitty’s flying a little erratic

By Penny Mulvey

I hadn’t seen the movie or read the book since I was a child. But as the mother of a musical theatre star-in-training it is important to experience as many stage productions as possible, and so Josh and I immersed ourselves in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

For those who don’t know, Chitty Chitty ...


Review by Penny Mulvey

The latest offering from the Melbourne Theatre Company, Constellations is a riveting attempt to create a visual representation of the controversial string theory of quantum physics. A website (for science dummies like me) describes the breathtaking ambition of this theory: it attempts to provide a complete, unified, and consistent description of the ...