Constant change

By Penny Mulvey The newspapers described the cold snap that descended on the east coast of Australia last month as an ‘Antarctic vortex’.

Looking for leadership

The Assembly of the Uniting Church gathers in Perth this Sunday for a week-long meeting, which is held every three years.

Timeless beauty

By PENNY MULVEY Travelling has the capacity to take you out of yourself. You see the world and your place in it with fresh eyes.

Challenge for the Church

By Penny Mulvey More than a thousand members of the synod recently participated in a culture survey at the invitation of the Major Strategic Review (MSR) team.

Day by day

Review by Penny Mulvey Book | A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie John Baillie’s classic book of prayers has been given new life by editor Susanna Wright with the assistance of Rev Dr Robin Boyd, a student of Dr Ba

The experience of ageism

By Penny Mulvey “It is a terrible thing for a society to discard the weak and the disabled and to justify it by saying they have had their turn.

Attitude key to positive ageing

By Penny Mulvey The new Executive Director/CEO of Uniting AgeWell, nearly 100 days into the job, is full of enthusiasm, ideas and praise for the age well philosophy.

Funny unhappiness

Review by Penny Mulvey Play l Endgame l MTC There is no curtain call at the conclusion of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, the latest Melbourne Theatre Company production.