Farce to be reckoned with

Noises Off, the latest play from the Melbourne Theatre Company, is a perfect tonic for the seriousness of our world.

Page turner

Review by Penny Mulvey Book | Off the Page | Clare Boyd-Macrae Clare Boyd-Macrae has a gift – to turn the mundane and the routine into something of beauty, of grace, of God.

Wonder full

Review by Penny Mulvey Movie | Wonder Woman | M The basic premise of a superhero movie is that good triumphs over evil.

Presbyteries in transition

PENNY MULVEY Sixty representatives from across the presbyteries and synod gathered at the Centre for Theology & Ministry last month to hear about progress relating to future plans for the presbyteries.

Answering hate with love

PENNY MULVEY The Bible is our road map to know God. The Bible makes clear what God wants for God’s people and the kind of people we are called to be.

Keep telling

Review by PENNY MULVEY MOVIE | DON’T TELL | M The unspoken grief and brokenness of a father – a secondary victim of the destructive effects of sex abuse – ripples through a new Australian movie, Don’t Tell, a comp

Age old story

Review by PENNY MULVEY PLAY | MINNIE & LIRAZ My mother, quoting my grandmother, regularly reminds her three daughters that ‘ageing is not for wimps’.

Inspirational art

The Crusader, Liam Benson REVIEW BY PENNY MULVEY EXHIBITION | THE 64TH BLAKE PRIZE The number of entrants to the 2016-2017 Blake Prize is testament to the ongoing interest in religion and spirituality.

Cause to celebrate

PENNY MULVEY Next month is the Uniting Church in Australia’s 40th birthday. What memories are conjured up for you as you look back to 22nd June 1977? I was a student at a Methodist girls’ school in Sydney.

Child safe priority

PENNY MULVEY All churches, sporting clubs, schools, scout groups and any other institution or community group that engages with children are facing legal responsibilities to ensure the safety of children.

Breaking points

Review by Penny Mulvey PLAY | THREE LITTLE WORDS | JOANNA MURRAY-SMITH Have you ever experienced a deep visceral response to friends’ news that they are breaking up? Perhaps you have seen them as the perfect couple? You