Vale Eva and Malcolm

By Penny Mulvey Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser 21 May 1930 – 20 March 2015 Salvation Army General Eva Burrows (Rtd) 15 September 1929 – 20 March 2015 Two Australian giants in their respective callings died on the

Tears for the Forgotten Children

Most families with young children proudly display their artwork on the fridge for allto admire. Often the drawing will include a smiling sun beaming down on a happy scene.

History lesson – Selma review

David Oyelowo Movie  l  Selma  l  M Selma is  based on a specific historic event in the life of Martin Luther King.

Australian Story

What Rhymes with Cars and Girls If you are a fan of Australian musician Tim Rogers, front man of the ’90s band You Am I, you will love the latest offering from the Melbourne Theatre Company.

School of thought

At its February meeting, the Synod Standing Committee made significant decisions regarding the Uniting Church’s potential relationships with its 14 schools within this synod.

Secrecy surrounds hunger strike

On 19 January Australians woke to the news that up to 700 detainees on Manus Island had joined a hunger strike over the Federal Government’s decision to release 50 asylum seekers into the PNG community.

The cost of cuts

Cuts to overseas foreign aid. As a nation, we are becoming increasingly myopic. Our focus on self-interest no matter the cost hit a new time low this week when the Federal Treasurer announced new cost saving measures.