Slavery-Free Chocolate Campaign

Uniting Church members are encouraged to combat trafficked labour by purchasing ethical chocolate this Easter. The Slavery-Free Chocolate campaign aims to stop the exploitation of children involved in cocoa harvesting.

Seafood industry takes action

The Uniting Church’s long-term campaign to stop human trafficking and forced labour in the Thai seafood industry is starting have an impact. Thailand is the main source of seafood imports into Australia.

Foreign workers exploited at Baiada

The Uniting Church is calling on Baiada to improve its labour standards after new allegations surfaced of exploitation of overseas workers.

Pulling apart the pokies

Ka-ching! | Documentary | PG  Review by Cath James They’ve gone from being illegal to being everywhere.

Foreign workers exploited

Recent media reports have highlighted shocking instances of foreign worker exploitation in various Australian industries, particularly in relation to labour hire companies.

Fruit, veggies and exploitation

A Four Corners investigation earlier this year revealed that overseas workers are being trafficked to Australia and forced to work long hours for low pay.

Vision for Australia

Justice and International Mission (JIM) unit staff member Denisse Sandoval is working with congregations in a new initiative to empower them to create social change.

A Guilt Free Shop

The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh on 24 April, 2013, focused the eyes of the world on conditions endured by workers in developing countries.

Action on pokies

The Victorian InterChurch Gambling Taskforce has launched a postcard campaign calling on the Victorian government to tackle pokies reform.

Uniting Church calls for tax justice

Cheryl Lawrie, acting Executive Director of Commission for Mission, shows her support for tax justice. Tax evasion by multinational companies costs Australia billions of dollars every year.