Speed date a Muslim

First dates can be pretty awkward encounters, especially when you have nothing to talk about, but there were plenty of energetic conversations at the Speed Date a Muslim event held at St John’s Uniting Church Elsternwic

Choosing understanding over fear

People from 14 countries and regions gathered in Jakarta last month for YATRA (Youth in Asia Training in Religious Amity)

Breaking the fast and building understanding

Subcommandante via Wikimedia Commons On Thursday St Thomas’ Uniting Church in Craigieburn will host an Iftar dinner, the traditional Islamic breaking of the fast meal held at sundown during the period of Ramadan.

Young Muslim helps JIM conference build bridges

DENISSE SANDOVAL When Anam Javed from the Islamic Council of Victoria heard about the Manchester bombing last Monday, she braced herself for the deluge of hostile phone calls the organisation would inevitably receive.

The big ask of Muslims

It might have been a ‘trial run’ but the very first question at the Ask a Muslim forum held at 130 Lt Collins St on Wednesday night delved deeply into profound and potentially problematic territory.

Removing the labels of faith

By Semisi Kailahi One thing that young people of different faiths often have in common is a concern over how religious labels define and limit the way that others see them.

United in love

Dilan in Jaffna with their new engagement rings. Last year, eight Australians from the Sri Lankan diaspora travelled back to their homeland on a trip organised through the synod’s Uniting Journeys program.

Meeting faith to faith

Susan Stork-Finlay, Anika Jensen, April Robinson, Larry Marshall, Andy Calder. Photo by Semisi Kailahi.