Time for some spring bling

Auburn UC is asking for donations of jewellery and would like people to spread the word and attend the Bling Fling on 26 October. For more information go to: www.auburnuc.org.

Art with heart

Ballarat UnitingCare’s collaborative art project, Under the Floorboards, will soon culminate with a full scale exhibition and black-tie gala event.

Sting in the tale

                                Raw, personal and emotionally taxing, Stories We Tell is a documentary that stirs a lingering sentimentalit

Considering both sides of the fence

                              The Gatekeepers (M) Review by Helen Fallaw To sit in the cinema agreeing with the hard men, six former heads of Is

Theological diversity within a multicultural church

When we declared in 1985 at the 4th National Assembly that ‘the Uniting Church is a multicultural Church’ we affirmed that we are a diverse church. Diversity is the hallmark of a multicultural church.

Why is Christianity evolving?

In Uniting, Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Churches of Christ and Lutheran churches in Australia there are growing numbers of discussion groups, sometimes known simply as ‘The Book Group’.

Picture of shattered peace

                          5 Broken Cameras Review by Dr Mark Zirnsak 5 Broken Cameras is a powerful and very moving documentary capturing the complexity o