A Home At Christmas – For Those With None

I’ll be home for Christmas

You can plan on me.
Please have the snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree.

Christmas will find me
Where the love light gleams.
I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams.

The lyrics above are from I’ll ...

Star Wars, Meta-narratives and the gospel

Rev Dr Mark Worthing, who has published books examining the intersection between Christian faith and pop culture, was approached for interview in relation to the ‘Religion and Fandom‘ article.

He responded to the questions asked with a reflection, presented here in an edited form, on Star Wars as a modern-day monomyth and an expression of religiosity as a human ...

Christ is for life, not just for Christmas

A puzzle for you: why is Christmas Day like an iceberg?

Because on Christmas Day we only see only one tenth of the Story!

It’s a little like those gym memberships that some of us have taken out from time-to-time – you know the ones where we start off with great enthusiasm but never quite make it to the ...

Time and tide

As Christmas approaches again, it can sometimes seem as if nothing (no-thing) is newly created any more – particularly with the endless display of, so-called, ‘new-things’ appearing on-line and in retail stores. In the book of Ecclesiastes we read, “Is there a thing of which it is said, ‘See, this is new’?”

Some 25 years ago, Michael Leunig produced ...

Reflection from a commune in France

Alan Austin is a Uniting Church member and former Crosslight journalist who lives in Nîmes in the south of France. He shares his reflections on the impact of terror in his adopted homeland.

The message was rapidly shared among neighbours in our small village near Nîmes: we will place a candle – une bougie – in our ...


The 11th day, at the 11th hour of the 11th month. We pause and remember.

Still, there is war. In this centennial, we’ve been overwhelmed by memorabilia, photos, films, parades, ceremonies, and visits to battlefields, depicting both bravery and horror. The recently-returned still bear the personal memories and trauma of involvement. Families are affected. A year of national pride ...

What sustains us?

On the last weekend in November, organisers are hoping to create the biggest climate march the world has ever seen. In anticipation of that, I thought I might write a little about the water that sustains us.

Unlike most, I don’t drink coffee. I’m a connoisseur of water, mostly from the tap and very rarely the bottled variety. Room temperature ...

Happy chance

Last month The Age published a story detailing new research on the happiness of Australians, tracking how our satisfaction with life dips and soars during major transitions as we age. The basis of this ‘happiness index’ was the use of data taken from 27,000 Australians over a period of 12 years, analysed by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.


Read for Reformation Day

By Katharine Massam

To mark Reformation Day this October, consider visiting a theological library. The anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting on 31 October 1517 to announce 95 theological issues that needed urgent discussion could be marked in many ways, but time browsing shelves to find and read a well-crafted book would be a fitting tribute to the ...

Silent epidemic

By Penny Mulvey

Today, Thursday 10 September, is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Why do we need such a day?

Because suicide is still something talked about in hushed tones.

Because suicide is the leading cause of death for men and women in Australia between the ages of 15-44.

Each year in Australia, 2,500 people take their own lives. Think ...

Conversations with Congress

By Dan Wootton

One of my tasks as moderator has been to act as convenor of the Renewing the Covenant Task Group. The task group is attended by representatives of the Victorian and Tasmanian Regional committees of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (Congress) as well as representatives of the synod.

The report of the National Congress to ...

Humanity Remade by Kindness

By Sue Withers

“If our impulses were confined to hunger, thirst and desire, we might be nearly free, but now we are moved by every wind that blows and a chance word or scene that that word may convey to us.” –  Mary Shelley,  Frankenstein

I have just discovered the joy of the talking book. It ...