Mother load

Review by Garth Jones

Film | mother! | MA

This divisive new film from director Darren Aronofsky – who last graced our screens in 2014 with the reimagined biblical epic Noah – is a startling meditation on creation.

It is subjective as to whether Aronofsky intended the ‘c’ in ‘creation’ to be upper or ...

Community and consensus

Often when I talk with people outside the Uniting Church about consensus decision-making, they are intrigued.

They find it hard to imagine a group of people who meet to look for common ground, who are willing to listen to each other and consider how they might hear God in each other.

If they know ...

UCA demands action to stop ‘ethnic cleansing’

Uniting Church President Stuart McMillan has urged the Australian government to take a lead in ending the brutal violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

More than 410,000 Rohingya have been driven out of the country by military forces and into refugee camps at the Bangladeshi border.

The crackdown followed a series of ...

Synod Snaps – October 2017

Our resident timekeeper Rev Kevin Dobson made sure Synod members turned up to their sessions on schedule.

Robyn Hansen packed lectionary readings for minsters in placement and church secretaries to take back to their congregations.

The coffee cart at Box Hill Town Hall was under the pump as Synod members recharged themselves with plenty of caffeine.

Healing conference open to all

Christians from all denominations are invited to attend a conference on spiritual healing in Melbourne this October.

The 2017 OSL Healing Ministries conference will be held at the Waverley International Hotel in Glen Waverley from 2-6 October. The conference takes place once every three years and the theme for the 2017 event is “Walking in Faith into ...

Four Synod inspirations

I was inspired by the recent Synod meeting at Box Hill Town Hall – all five days of it!

By the end, I was tired. Very tired! But I felt honoured to have been part of it all.

Here are four particularly inspiring themes that came to mind:

I was inspired by the ...

Speed date a Muslim

First dates can be pretty awkward encounters, especially when you have nothing to talk about, but there were plenty of energetic conversations at the Speed Date a Muslim event held at St John’s Uniting Church Elsternwick in August.

Approximately 40 people from different faith backgrounds came together to hear the firsthand experiences of Muslim women ...

Downsizing may not be the dream solution


In Australia, the generation gap has become the accommodation gap.

The dizzying rise in house prices, which have far outstripped incomes, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, threatens to deprive many young people of what many considered a generational birthright in post-war Australia, the opportunity to call a place your own.

But a leading public policy ...

Walking the walk


Recently my wife and I walked part of the Camino, The Way, to the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela – a city which has been destination for pilgrims for almost a thousand years. We were not pilgrims for extended weeks.

We walked for a week along the Portuguese Camino – still ...

The big split

Review by Nick Mattiske

Book | Protestants: The Radicals Who Made the Modern World | Alec Ryrie and William Collins

With this year’s anniversary of the Reformation and Martin Luther’s famous nailing of the 95 Theses to the church door comes, unsurprisingly, focus on the movement he initiated.

It is a story that has been ...

The art of consensus


For those uninitiated in the decision-making process of the Uniting Church, it can be a little confusing to attend a meeting where three coloured cards – orange, yellow and blue – seem to dominate proceedings.

As Synod Standing Committee member Rev Dr Robyn Whitaker described in her sermon at the opening service to the 2017 ...

Laced with love for moderator

Lace was the theme of the latest city/country ‘showdown’ between two Uniting Church ministers at this year’s Synod meeting.

In what has become something of a tradition, Rev Cynthia Page and Rev Claire Dawe have enjoyed a friendly op shop rivalry for some years.

Claire is the minister for the Chelsea Parish, made up ...