Faithful responses

Review by Alan Ray

Book | A faith to live by (Volume 2) | Roland Ashby

Is Christianity a quaint, harmless hobby like quilting or trainspotting? Or should it permeate all aspects of our life? This volume provides a smorgasbord of topical theological and social justice issues from leading thinkers. It follows the highly acclaimed first ...

ReGen wins award

Uniting Vic.Tas’s Mother and Baby Residential Withdrawal Service has been recognised with an Excellence in Women’s Health award at the 2018 Victorian Healthcare Awards.

The service, a key strategic initiative of Uniting ReGen and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, fills a crucial and longstanding gap in the Victorian Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) system ...

From Melbourne to Malawi


As the first permanent audiologists in Malawi, Peter and Rebecca Bartlett arrived facing a mammoth task.

The couple and their three young children had never set foot in the southeast African country before, and they had to adapt quickly to a lack of resources and facilities.

“We started off doing hearing tests in ...

Being there for asylum seekers


Uniting Church agencies are calling for help in supporting asylum seekers attempting to make a new life in Australia.

Andi Jones, Uniting Vic.Tas manager of Lentara’s Asylum Seeker Programs in Brunswick, which are not government funded, says asylum seekers often have limited means of support.

“Those people we case manage receive $100 per ...

Listening post

Rev David Howie is a UCA chaplain at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). We asked him what he has learned in the three years he’s been there.

How many chaplains work at the RCH?

There are Christian, Muslims and Buddhist chaplains in our team. We also have a visiting Hindu and Orthodox chaplains.


Centenary of tears for Tasmania

Remembrance Day in November marks 100 years since the signing of the Armistice to end World War I, and Tasmanians this year have been remembering the terrible toll of the conflict on the island state.

In Tasmania, with a population of barely 190,000, 15,000 enlisted and nearly 3,000 were killed. Twice that number returned wounded.   


Acts of renewal and hope


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had one of those patches where life and its demands threatens to overwhelm me.

My diary was fuller than I would like, there were difficult conversations to have as November, the anniversary month of my partner’s death, loomed. I felt that I was running on empty or ...

Letters to the editor – November 2018

Standard of proof

I am curious after reading Bill Norquay’s letter (October, Crosslight). Bill and his Friday discussion group appear to reject anything that is not known to science. Specifically they regard a virgin birth as an impossibility even though the only reason it is not commonplace is a gene behaviour issue.

But here is the curiosity: ...

Connected to country

A new landscape project at the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) Leprena Centre in Hobart aims to immerse visitors into the First Peoples’ cultural connection to country.

Over 70 people gathered to launch the Cultural Land and Playscape in the Hobart suburb of Glenorchy earlier this month.

Tasmania’s Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jacquie Petrusma officially opened the ...

Methodist memorabilia is a real spectacle


Appropriately enough for a collection that includes John Wesley’s spectacles, Queen’s College is asking for artefacts that will help see the early Methodists with fresh eyes.

Wesley’s glasses along with commemorative plates and cups, porcelain statues and original letters can be found in a dedicated room under the Queen’s College library in Parkville.

These artefacts, known as ‘Methodistica’, have ...