Rescue hut

Review by Nick Mattiske

Book | The Shepherd’s Hut | Tim Winton

In Tim Winton’s fiction, reconciliation, sacrifice, redemption and the like work themselves out in the lives of society’s fringe-dwellers – those not usually thought of as upright, moral citizens.

In Winton’s latest novel, The Shepherd’s Hut, main character and narrator Jaxie is a ...

Keep the embers alive

In his final national message the 14th President of the Uniting Church in Australia Stuart McMillan has urged Church members to address the “unfinished business” of sovereignty and Treaty for First Peoples.

“I started my presidency with the Yolŋu words Bala limurr roŋyirr ŋorraŋgitjlil – ‘Let us return to the white ashes of the fire’,” ...

Age appropriate

Review by Jean Warriner

Book | Old Old Age: A Brief Guide | Ian Hansen

This book is written by a man in his late 80s. He tells of how the world has changed greatly from the one he grew up in.

Early in his life there was no electricity or any of the ...

Life begins at 41

This month we commemorate the 41st anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia. It’s not nearly as exciting as last year’s 40th birthday. There will be fewer cakes and parties and events I imagine.  After the excitement of last year, this June’s anniversary reminds us that the life of the church is mostly lived out in ...

Youthful approach


It’s not just tram zones and hook turns that Bradon French is learning to navigate as he settles into his new Melbourne-based role with the VicTas synod.

One of his first priorities as the new intergenerational ministry youth worker is to meet congregations throughout the synod and get to know their needs and priorities ...

Synod Snaps – June 2018

Diamond Valley Parish Uniting Church hosted their annual arts festival. A number of beautiful hand-made quilts were on display as the community enjoyed an afternoon of activities, food and singing.

The Voices of Frankston (associated with the Choir of Hard Knocks) and the ConChord Sri Lankan Choir performed at St John’s Uniting Church, Mt Waverley in April. The ...

Apostle’s journey

Review by Nick Mattiske

Book | Paul: A Biography | Tom Wright

A new book from Tom Wright is always notable, even at the pace he churns them out. Here he returns to probably his biggest topic, Saint Paul.

This book is conceived as a popular biography, rather than another book on Paul’s theology, ...

Where was God?

Carmyl Winkler

Fifty-six years ago my sister died, with her husband, in a car accident. They were both 24. Always the questions will be “How could God allow this?” and “Where was God when my child suffered?” One answer is, “He was in the same place as he was when his own Son died.” I ...

Mental health shouldn’t be a lone struggle

This month, Crosslight welcomes Lionel Parrott, member of Yarra Yarra Presbytery Mental Health Network and part of the steering committee for a major new report.

Imagine, if you can, living your life with another presence within you. Sometimes, this presence may be so strong it takes control of you.

This presence, described as mental illness, ...

New chapter in life of UCAF


Pam Grant, secretary of the UCAF National Committee (2015-2018), reports on the recent consultation held in Hobart.

IT was a time of thanksgiving but also of new directions as members of the Uniting Church Adult Fellowship (UCAF) gathered for the 13th National Committee Consultation held at the Hobart North UC early last month.