Looking to Jesus with a sense of Advent-ure


I’m writing this column just a few days after one man’s actions in central Melbourne’s Bourke St brought death, fear and anxiety to so many people. Also on my mind is a personal anniversary that causes me sadness and an awareness that many people are carrying sadness, anger and despair.

And while all this ...

Di dalam palungan (Away in a manger)

The Nativity story was given a uniquely Indonesian makeover at Glen Waverley Uniting Church on the first Sunday of Advent.

During the special Indonesian Christmas Celebration Jesus’s birth was portrayed in a traditional Indonesian tableau by 40 professional dancers from the Ganda Marpaung Group.

The performers, who were a mix of Christians and Muslims, showcased costumes and choreography from different ...

UCA to observe Day of Mourning

THIS January, Uniting Church congregations across the country are being asked to hold worship services that reflect on the effect of invasion and colonisation on Australia’s First Peoples.

The observance of a “Day of Mourning” was endorsed by the 15th Assembly at the request of members of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress.

Assembly covenanting consultant and former UCA ...

Behind the lectern


If you go to church on a Sunday it’s likely you’ll sit and hear a sermon.

Traditionally one person will stand up behind the pulpit or lectern and preach for varying lengths of time and, possibly, various levels of relevance to the individual listeners.

The word “sermon” derives from the Latin “sermō”, for “talk or harangue” and unfortunately ...

Serving up a brighter Christmas

CHRISTMAS is often referred to as the “festive season”, but a growing number of hard-pressed grandparents are finding it difficult to celebrate.

Sandra has become what some label a “granny nanny”, where she has assumed full-time care of her grandchildren.

It’s a role the 65-year-old cherishes, but relying on her Newstart Allowance makes it difficult to put food on the ...

In tents focus on doing mission

THIS year Uniting Church camps hosted hundreds of people from schools, sporting clubs, craft groups, large family gatherings and other faith communities but they are always on the lookout for more visitors and will even help pay for them.

UC Camping (UCC) director Daniel Murray said the organisation offered financial assistance and tailored programs to appropriate groups but this was ...

Drawing from Scripture


LIFE’S pivotal moments don’t always come by choice, as Andrew McDonough discovered while a Bible College Student.

Andrew was helping out in ministry at a South Australian church almost 30 years ago when he got tapped on the shoulder.

“Because I was the youngest one on the team I had to do the children’s talk,” Andrew said.


A matter of principal


GIVEN her evident passion for teaching and education it is something of a surprise to learn this wasn’t Wesley College principal Dr Helen Drennen’s first career choice.

“I was studying in neuro-physiology with the thought that I would pursue a research career,” Helen says.

“It was then that I decided I would like to teach; a very ...


Written exam

I am glad to see Wal Dower read our letter published in the October edition of Crosslight. It’s good to receive a response and we had had quite a few.

We would like to make it very clear, however, that we do not reject doctrine that cannot be proved by science. On the contrary, we see there is ...