Robyn writing Bible studies for Lambeth Conference

Rev Dr Robyn Whitaker is the first Uniting Church minister to be appointed as a Bible study convenor for the peak international conference of Anglicans.

The Lambeth Conference, a once in a decade event, brings together all Anglican bishops and their spouses from over 165 countries to plan the direction of the Anglican Church.

Robyn who is coordinator of studies – New Testament at Pilgrim Theological College, gathered in November with 35 other handpicked New Testament scholars from around the world at Lambeth Palace in the UK to begin work on Bible studies and associated materials.

In May next year Robyn will meet as part of a smaller team of eight convenors at Lambeth Palace to prepare the studies, which will be based around the book of 1 Peter, for the July 2020 conference being held in the UK.

Robyn said she was honoured to be part of such a historically significant event in the Anglican calendar.

“It was a pleasant surprise and a real privilege. It’s an amazing process to be part of,” Robyn said.

“An organiser for Lambeth indicated to me that I was appointed because I had done writing of a more popular nature and they want scholars who have not only done academics but people that can communicate in ways that are understandable to a wider audience.”

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