Radical conservation


Book | The World-Ending Fire |  Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is a novelist, poet and essayist, a self-described ‘crank’, a critic of technology and the idealism that comes with it, a Kentucky farmer who uses horses instead of a tractor, and a writer who uses a pencil rather than a computer.


Putting First Peoples first

I recently had the privilege of attending the President’s Conference in Darwin. The conference focused on what it might mean for the church to acknowledge the sovereignty of the First Peoples of this country and to seek a treaty with them. The theme arose from a commitment at the last Assembly meeting to explore the implications of Treaty and ...

Warm western welcome


‘A pub with no beer’ aptly describes the former Argyle Arms Hotel in Hamilton, now the proud home to the Argyle UCA Op Shop.

To all bower birds who love to pick over former treasures, this store will truly bedazzle. With room after room of ‘stuff’, including a backyard also appropriately cluttered, shoppers are sure ...

Care, discipline and courageous conversations – effective pastoral leadership

Is there a difference between pastoral care and pastoral oversight or leadership? I think so; however, I am aware that many assume both terms refer to the same thing.

For our life as a vibrant church I think we need a clear distinction between pastoral care and pastoral leadership. The latter is a requirement ...

Everyday faith

Review by Rohan Pryor

Book | Thinking the Faith, Living the Faith | Chris Walker

A ministry colleague and friend tells me that only theologians are interested in theology, and many of the introductory books are heavy in both weight and terminology. By contrast, this very readable book (subtitled An introduction to Christian Theology) is relatively ...

Birthday celebration in Trafalgar


Approximately 30 people gathered at a Chinese restaurant in Trafalgar on 22 June to celebrate the Uniting Church’s 40th birthday. Conversation and laughter flowed as people enjoyed each other’s company as well as a delicious meal. Each congregation from across the parish was represented. It was wonderful to have our presbytery minister Wendy McDonald and ...

Powering up the Network

On Saturday 15 July it was my privilege to join about 60 people from the Banyule Network of Uniting Churches for their retreat day focused on mission planning.

The day was built around three key sessions:

  • seeking to strengthen understanding of God’s mission
  • exploring a refreshing of mission priorities
  • exploring future ...

Heidelberg art and craft show


The Banyule Network celebrated the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of the Uniting Church by holding an art and craft show at Scots Church in Heidelberg. This may seem to be a strange event for such an occasion but the organisers thought it gave expression to a number of key convictions of the UCA.


Synod Snaps – August 2017

Skipton St Uniting Church cut a cake to celebrate the UCA’s 40th

Ken Wilhems, Laurenne Robertson and Loryl Oglethorpe attended the 40th anniversary celebrations held at Ballarat Central Uniting Church

The Brunswick Indonesian Uniting Church choir performed at the ‘Uniting in Song’ event at Wesley Uniting Church.

Cobden Uniting ...

ABC report not whole story


Domestic or family violence is a serious issue that touches all facets of society. Therefore, it is no surprise that 7.30 (ABC) and ABC Online last month focused on the high rate of domestic violence in church communities.

What was disappointing was the lack of rigour around the reporting. Statistics were unverified, information provided by other ...