Birthday celebration in Trafalgar

Robyn Cross, Sonya Roberts, Wendy Cameron and Jan Cougle (seated)

Robyn Cross, Sonya Roberts, Wendy Cameron and Jan Cougle (seated)


Approximately 30 people gathered at a Chinese restaurant in Trafalgar on 22 June to celebrate the Uniting Church’s 40th birthday. Conversation and laughter flowed as people enjoyed each other’s company as well as a delicious meal. Each congregation from across the parish was represented. It was wonderful to have our presbytery minister Wendy McDonald and her husband Peter join us for the night.

As we read through a list of some of the Church’s achievements it was wonderful to see how the Holy Spirit has led and guided us through some significant and, at times, tough issues that have help shaped the church we are today. Joy Grigg from Yarragon has been part of the Sammy Stamp mission for many years and this is yet another example of the Church working together in mission.

A quite spectacular cake was made for the evening. This was a combined effort by Dee Crosby who made a large chocolate mud cake and Di Axford, who made the roundel of the Uniting Church out of fondant, which lay on top of the cake. Val York, who was celebrating a big “0” birthday along with her mother, made the first cut of the cake.

Lolly bags were handed out to each person, with the words, “Thanks for coming to the party.”  Looking around the room it was a party, with friends catching up, lots of talk, memories shared, red 40th birthday helium balloons, with the writing in white and the string being black (UCA colours!) adding to the festivity.  It was a wonderful night to mark the event.

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