Degrees of inspiration

Graduating Pilgrim Theological College students welcomed the strong theme of female ministry and leadership that emerged as they collected their qualifications during a University of Divinity award service held at St Michael’s Uniting Church in central Melbourne.

Heather Hon and Fiona Bottcher were among the 19 Pilgrim students conferred awards during the 16 March service that ...

Spiro the sparrow


They say I’m an ordinary Australian garden sparrow but I know I am more. I may be tiny, but I am feisty and fly where my cousins don’t dare to roam.  This is my adventure last Sunday.

My cousins and I mainly live in a melaleuca tree in the cemetery, where we hop ...

Going fourth on Sundays

Necessity is the mother of invention, which is why on Sunday morning you might find Tallangatta Uniting Church members looking for gifts in an op shop rather than seated in pews for a traditional worship service.

Tallangatta member Carmyl Winkler said that when the small congregation in north east Victoria suddenly found itself without a minister ...

Asking the big questions

Review by Nick Mattiske

Book | A Little History of Religion | Richard Holloway

The ‘Little History’ series is aimed at a younger audience or those wanting a layperson’s introduction to a subject. In this title, Richard Holloway, a one-time bishop who is something of a sceptic, aims to foster critical thinking about religion rather ...

Child safety applies to everyone

All synod staff will be required to complete safe church training over a five-week period ending in April.

Safe church educator Josh Tuhipa-Turner said the training is only a part of what the church is doing to make sure children are welcomed and protected in all its environments and activities.

“Our commitment to making the synod child ...

Letters to the editor – April 2018

Network provider

AS a retired minister who worked in rural areas, I am wondering why Victoria doesn’t now have a Rural Ministry Network. Maybe 15 or 20 years ago there was such a network which enabled those working in rural areas (ordained and lay) to meet together and share problems and helpful possibilities with one another. Where is ...

Small congregation’s big impact

A small congregation in East Gippsland is reaching out across the oceans to improve the health and wellbeing of women in the South Pacific islands.

Later this month two members of Johnsonville Uniting Church, which has an average attendance of about eight to 10 at its fortnightly services, will travel to the Solomon Islands to provide education and ...

Investing on the principle

Banks need to recognise that providing credit for gambling  harms not just individual gamblers but also vulnerable people connected to them, a forum on consumer finance and ethical investing heard.

The hour-and-a-half Ethical Consulting Group (ECG) session brought together UCA Funds Management staff, and synod representatives at 130 Little Collins St. Expert stakeholders and investors also attended in ...

Economy of death


The recently announced plans by the federal government to increase military exports and industry must be read as the latest step toward a militarised Australian economy.

This has already been demonstrated in the choice to build submarines, buy air fighters, host military bases and exercises, and to participate in Middle East ...