Synod Snaps – April 2017

Members from the East Stonnington Uniting Churches joined in a World Day of Prayer service at St Mary’s Catholic Church in East Malvern.

Every year, members of the Hopkins Region of Churches participate in a Soul Water Walk to mark the beginning of Lent. It is a time to reflect with their fellow travellers as they journey ...

Family tragedy



Cult def: a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous.

A powerful light has shone through the gloom, the secrecy, and the layers of subterfuge and power to ...

Good call

Review by BOB FASER


THE fifth season of Call the Midwife confronts a range of significant social issues with the same honesty and commitment as earlier seasons.

Set in the early 1960s, issues of the day such as the relationship of thalidomide use and birth defects are strongly in ...

New ways of remembering Anzac

KEEPING memory alive, that is the legacy of the Anzac spirit. It has become especially important as we continue to recall the centenary events of World War I, a war that brought profound suffering and great slaughter to the countries of Europe and their allies on both sides.

As we have been ever aware during the commemoration ...

Making the most of inherited jeans

ABOUT five years ago the Clarence Uniting Church’s Unicorn op shop, on Hobart’s eastern shore in Southern Tasmania, had a problem.

The shop was inundated with unwanted denim – jeans by the truckload were being donated but no one was interested in buying them, even at $1 a pair.

Back at the church, a member of the congregation was ...

The indeterminate zones of ministry

SOME years ago, when ministering in a congregation, a retired minister asked to speak to me on matters of faith and ministry. I willingly agreed and spent an enriching couple of hours sharing stories and listening to the highs and lows of ministry in the ’50s and 60s.

One of his comments has stayed with me: “I ...

Leading into a time of change

The Synod Standing Committee (SSC) has given the green light to the overarching design of the new mission and ministry unit of the Church. This was one of the recommendations of the Major Strategic Review adopted by Synod 2016 to enable an intentional, coordinated focus on mission. Synod resolved that this focus could be suppported by creating a new Mission ...

Candidates spread their wings

A desire to give candidates for ordained ministry the opportunity to experience life outside of the bubble of metropolitan Melbourne has led to rural ministry placements becoming part of students’ formation experience.

Candidates for ordained ministries within the church must complete two supervised field education placements during their period of formation.

These placements take place in congregations, agencies, schools, hospitals ...

Rosemary garland well deserved

Rosemary Brown’s extraordinary life of helping others leads to a question that she has trouble answering.

“People ask ‘what drives me?’” she said.

“I have no idea. It is just inside my gut. You could say Christian conviction and sure I have a Christian faith. I was bought up in evangelical circles but I still say it was born ...