Home truths

Review by NIGEL TAPP


RENOWNED author and former seminarian Tom Keneally is no stranger to writing about the Catholic Church as well as the issue of child sex abuse by the clergy.

His memoir Homebush Boy and An Angel in Australia are two examples.

He has returned ...

Letters to the editor – April 2017

Judge not …

RESPONDING to Dennis Litchfield’s letter (Crosslight, March 2017), who complains firstly about the statement “Crosslight seeks not to denigrate other denominations or faiths”, one wonders exactly what Mr Litchfield hopes to achieve. He links this concern with what he describes as “existing/potential problems threatening the good order of our communities.”

Which particular denominations or faiths is he ...

Failing the most vulnerable

I have read three books over the last few weeks – two works of fiction and one non-fiction – all with a common thread, the treatment or mistreatment of children. During this time I also attended Case Study 56 of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which focused on the Uniting Church in Australia.

Room ...

Space race triumph

Review by ANN BYRNE


IT’S about time – and it’s about space. It’s about gender and it’s about race.

Hidden Figures is based on the true story of three black women working at NASA in the early 1960s – Katherine Johnson (Taraji Henson), a brilliant mathematician/physicist; Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), supervisor ...

Circles of support

Most people have a network of friends they can call on for support, but for those living with a disability these connections may be harder to foster due to stigma and social isolation.

‘Circles of support’ is a concept that originated in Canada in the 1980s to describe a group of people who gather regularly to support the goals, ...

They had no choice

ANIMALS have served in war for hundreds of years, from elephants during the time of Hannibal, to the present day bomb-sniffing dogs used in the Afghanistan conflict.

If pressed to nominate a famous animal who served in war, many of us would mention Murphy (also known as Duffy, or Abdul), Simpson’s first donkey – the Gallipoli donkey ...

Bethlehem University – an oasis of peace in the Holy Land


Students at Bethlehem University face many restrictions in their daily lives, the institution’s vice-chancellor Brother Peter Fray (pictured) told a February public gathering at Elm Street Hall in North Melbourne.

Movement is even more restricted since the 2005 encirclement of Bethlehem by the separation wall, which has four checkpoints on its perimeter.

Travel within Israel/ Palestine ...

Licence to print money


Tasmanian author and Wesley Hobart member James Boyce’s examination of the often cosy relationship between Tasmanian governments and gambling giant Federal Hotels over the last 50 years is certainly timely.

Mr Boyce’s latest book, Losing streak – How Tasmania was gamed by the gambling industry, investigates a litany of poorly conceived government decisions made over ...

Mission focused-future

HOW presbyteries will carry out their pastoral ministry of supporting congregations and ministers and encouraging mission is an important issue facing the church.

The Presbytery Transition Team (PTT) is talking with presbytery standing committees and presbytery ministers and office bearers throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

Formed following a resolution of the 2016 Synod meeting, the PTT works with the Strategic Implementation ...

Seeing the Vision in action

It repeatedly amazes me how the Synod’s Vision and Mission Principles come to life around me: not because of my effort, but rather because I notice something or hear a story. Of course, these things are on my mind a lot nowadays, so that’s maybe why. I’ll share some examples with you …

At a recent education day in ...