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big fat greek wedding 2Film | My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 | PG

Reviewed by BOB FASER

I never thought a sequel could ever be better than the original film. It’s particularly hard for a sequel to exceed the original when the first film set as high a bar as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I believe My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is even better than the original.

Most of the original cast are back in a movie about families who are constantly in each other’s faces, but also have each other’s backs.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is about people who have pride and love for their heritage, and appreciation for the heritage of others. In this vein, the scene with the four elderly men in the physio clinic, talking about their Greek, Iranian, Chinese, and Scottish cultures is pure gold.

The movie tells the story of young people becoming individuals in their own right.  It’s also about elderly people learning that they can still enjoy life.

It touches on the middle-age dilemma of parenting adolescent children and caring for ageing parents while remaining human in the process.

A sequel wouldn’t be a sequel if there weren’t some humorous references to the first film. There are plenty of these, enough to recall key comic moments but not to such an extent that you’ll need to see the two films in sequence.

As a Minister of the Word, one of the things I found refreshing in both films is the fact the characters attend church is treated as utterly normal. There isn’t a hint of caricature in any of the church scenes. One of the great emotional moments in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 involves the wedding crowns used in the Orthodox wedding liturgy, but I won’t give away a spoiler for this.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a celebration of life, and it’s also screamingly funny.

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