AgeWell farewell

18_Sharon-verticalUniting AgeWell recently farewelled outgoing executive director Sharon Donovan (pictured).

Ms Donovan served in the position since 2011 and oversaw implementation of many aspects of the AgeWell philosophy.

Commenting on the changes, Ms Donovan said she was pleased to see a distinct shift towards choice across the organisation’s facilities.

“I am proud to have been part of the implementation of our AgeWell philosophy,” Ms Donovan said.

“As I go around the sites I consistently see for myself or hear about great initiatives where older people’s lives are being improved with more choice and more independence.

“The Strath-Haven renovation has been a great example of people starting to live differently and be more connected to their community through our design changes that have been based on the AgeWell philosophy.

“We have staff at Uniting AgeWell who have the needs of residents and clients in the forefront of their thinking.

“It’s been a privilege to work at Uniting AgeWell,” Ms Donovan said.

Ms Donovan has accepted the position of executive director clinical services for the Epworth Healthcare Group. The Uniting AgeWell board has commenced recruitment of a new executive director, though it is anticipated this process will take several months. Graeme Barnes, general manager strategic and corporate services, has been appointed as acting executive director in the interim.

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